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BJ'S BLOG 11/06/12 "Sorry, Single Mom"

Yesterday on the show, we talked about a picture that has been floating around the internet that has left many people like me irritated. 
This picture that first appeared on Reddit is of a receipt from a restaurant for $138.35. The part that has upset everyone is that under the part where she is supposed to write a tip, the alleged customer wrote: “single mom sorry.” So basically this woman has enough money to  spend about $140 on a single meal but not a few extra dollars for a tip. 
Here is the picture of the receipt: 

If you can afford $138 for your meal, how can you not afford to tip? 
If you’re a single mother and you don’t have money why would you go out to eat? It is a lot less expensive to buy the ingredients and make something at home!
This is what bothers me about single mothers who use their marital status as an excuse. There is an entitlement that some women get once they have a child, especially if they’re dumb enough to raise it on their own. I understand that not all single mothers choose this life, but a good amount of them become single mothers by choice. 
They want to be treated special and given breaks because they made stupid life choices! 
Why is it so hard to put a few dollars down as a tip? What this woman really should have done if she wanted some “her time” is get a babysitter for an hour, heat up a microwave dinner and watch her favorite TV show for about an hour and spend a lot less than going to a restaurant. 

11/06/2012 9:06AM
BJ'S BLOG 11/06/12 "Sorry, Single Mom"
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11/06/2012 2:54PM
Most likely fake
BJ, this is *most likely* fake. On reddit, there a type of pseudo-currency called "karma". The person who posted this is most likely a server who took someone's credit card receipt copy they left and added the note to it, then posted it to reddit for the "karma". I would hope that there really aren't people out there that would do this.
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