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BJ'S BLOG 11/09/13 "Richie Incognito"

I don’t talk about sports very often in the blog, but I feel like the story of Richie Incognito is practically turning into a Group Therapy topic!
In case you haven’t heard, Incognito was suspended from the Miami Dolphins after allegedly harassing teammate Jonathan Martin in racist voicemail and text messages. Incognito has appealed the decision, and though he acknowledges the accusation, he has taken to defending his words as being totally in line with the crude conversations that he and his teammates have all the time.
There are some other implications in the air, one being that Incognito and Martin have no problem with each other, and the problem has been created by lawyers and managers for big press, and bigger payout. Regardless of the truth of the problem, Richie Incognito is…well, he’s just not too smart.
I realize I have no right to tell someone that they’re talking too much, but…Richie, you may want to dial it down a little. Just for now, of course; you can go back to being a babbling meathead in a little while, but all eyes are definitely on you at the moment. You’re being judged by your words, so this might be the time for fewer words.
(Especially the ones that make you sound like a racist and a bully.)

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11/15/2013 9:30AM
BJ'S BLOG 11/09/13 "Richie Incognito"
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11/16/2013 8:55AM
I don't know
You never think that your voicemails will be heard by the entire country, even when you're a professional athlete or celebrity. When Jay Glazer got the 1,000 text messages between them, it showed that Martin said stuff just like that too. I think people will find anything, just so they can be offended, and try to destroy somebody's life because of it. People are narcissistic and vindictive these days.
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