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BJ'S BLOG 11/10/2011 "Joe Paterno"

Today, during Headlines and Sports, Steve reported the latest on the Penn State scandal.

For those who don’t know, Jerry Sandusky, Penn State’s football coach Joe Paterno’s assistant, has been charged with molesting eight boys over 15 years, with some of the alleged assaults taking place at the Penn State football complex.

According to reports, Paterno is allegedly one of the university officials who knew about Sandusky's alleged sex abuse incidents with young boys, but still didn’t go to the police.

Since these reports have come to light, Head Coach Joe Paterno and the University President, Graham B. Spanier, have been fired.

Is anyone surprised that this happened in college athletics? College Athletics has to be one of the most corrupt bodies I have ever seen in my life! They make millions of dollars and they don’t even pay their athletes. They think providing them with a 4 year scholarship is sufficient enough payment but it’s really not! Some of these players never even get to make it to the pros because they work so hard and get injured while playing for the college. Is it any surprise that the “good old boys” network that already exploits players by not paying them would cover something as massive as this up?

Initially when the story came out I thought that Joe did his job but as more information came out, I realized that this is a web of deceit and on an unbelievably horrible level. 

If this was a business, you would be shut down and disgraced! But any non-athlete knows all too well about the, “We’re bigger then the rules” arrogance of athletics.

If all of these allegations are true, Penn State should have all their championships and awards taken away from them as long as this guy has been the coach just like they would do for any other program and situation.  They need to get disgraced for what has happened, to show America and the American collegiate system that this is not acceptable!

Yesterday, I got this post from Steve S. on Facebook about the Penn State mess:

"I will not let one sick child predator and a few members of the coaching staff and university administration tarnish the reputation of my alma mater."

Sorry, Steve, but it does tarnish the school in a big way. College pride is probably what caused this cover up mess in the first place. I don't think you or your educators should be looked upon negatively, but the school should be for a very long time.

This whole situation is disgusting and hopefully everyone who saw what was going on and turned a blind eye will be sent to jail.

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11/10/2011 7:48AM
BJ’S BLOG 11/10/2011 “Joe Paterno”
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11/10/2011 11:46AM
Yes agree
But like your comments, You sould see what goes on in State Government or the Fed Government on how this get cover up or not reported.
11/10/2011 3:39PM
dear idiot
this is why i have not listened to your show in months, and never will again. you're an idiot
11/11/2011 5:21AM
Idiot here
Can you be more specific? -BJ
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