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BJ'S BLOG 11/11/13 "How Far Would You Go To Help A Friend"

An interesting video has been making the rounds lately: A man with five DUIs on his record wakes up in a hospital bed, and is told by doctors that he’s been in a coma for ten years. As confusion and panic begin to take hold, one of the doctors starts hitting the man repeatedly! His surgical mask comes off, and the patient sees that the “doctor” is actually his friend, who has finally had enough.
The whole thing was staged by the concerned friend, who just happens to be established internet prankster Tom Mabe. He put his plan into action after finding the “patient” passed out drunk in his car (which wasn’t moving, thankfully.) A rented office space was quickly converted into a hospital room, complete with a pre-produced news update on the TV, to help sell the idea of a ten-year gap.
When all is said and done, the hard-drinking buddy doesn’t seem like he’s learned a lesson at all, and the video’s rising status as a viral comedy sensation might not help him understand how serious his problem is.
(Our very own Group Therapy is designed to help people, but we won’t be remodeling any of our offices.)
Personally, I find it frustrating that a man with 5 DUIs isn’t being filmed from the inside of a prison cell. How far would you go to help a friend? Do you think this was an effective plan? 

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12/11/2013 7:16AM
BJ'S BLOG 11/11/13 "How Far Would You Go To Help A Friend"
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