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BJ'S BLOG 11/14/13 "Dogs Eating Off The Plates!"

Today’s Group Therapy session is going to the dogs.
We heard from a Rock-A-Holic named Mark, who is trying to find a polite way of addressing a problem with some friends. Mark and his wife really enjoy hanging out with another couple – game nights, weekend trips, etc. – but they are extremely reluctant about accepting the repeated invitations to have dinner at this couple’s house…and why?
Once, during a random post-dinner visit to the couple’s house, Mark and his wife watched as they called their two Labradors to the table, set their plates down on the floor, and then proceeded to let the dogs finish their uneaten food, and lick the plates clean. Mark and his wife were both fairly disgusted with this, and they’re running out of excuses for avoiding dinner at the couple’s home.
This was definitely a situation that required the voice of the people. We turned it over to the Rock-A-Holics, who almost unanimously agreed that this is NOT a problem for anyone but Mark and his wife! The explanations ranged from the high-heat cleaning power of dishwashers, to the highly-sanitary cleanliness of a dog’s mouth.
I’m far less comfortable with dogs licking people’s faces, personally, but everybody has their hang-ups. What do YOU say, America? Is dinner plate dog-licking a situation for you?

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11/14/2013 7:55AM
BJ'S BLOG 11/14/13 "Dogs Eating Off The Plates!"
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11/14/2013 10:43AM
Not at all!!!
Well BJ, I wouldn't mind at all, but I am a dog person, but I understande totally why one would find disgusting that practice, the way I see it, the best option would be to come clean and explain, your point of view on the subject to those firends. Do it on a polite tone, but remember, you are entitled to your opinion, and you live on a free Country, you don't have to do what makes you uncomfortable, as a matter of fact, nobody should. I hate people with alcohol breath, and if a friend has it, I Always tell... Well I hope that helps.
11/14/2013 10:51AM
Now the real problem
Yes these people are stupid for picking such a trivial thing to b about but the real issue is the fact that they were not upfront and honest at the time about the "problem". Who knows how long it has been since they have witnessed this atrocity? They should have confronted their "friends" while they were watching the labs lick the plates. Now they can either loose out on a potential great set of friends or get over it and have dinner. By the way don't dogs have less germs in their mouths than humans?
11/14/2013 11:03AM
do you eat out at restaurants? I'm sure there are more food particles and germs on dishes at a restaurant than on your friends dishes.
11/14/2013 2:14PM
Just say something
Why make an excuse? Just be direct and tell the friends they are a bunch of germaphobes and are grossed out for absolutely no logical reason, and would rather avoid their "friends" than say anything. Its that simple. I doubt they are just putting the plates back into the cupboard afterwards, most people do this fascinating thing called "washing" after they have used their dishes and utensils, its a magical process that cleans off food debris and, if you use a dishwasher, there is an amazing technology called steam cleaning that sterilizes whatever is in there. I'd rather use a plate that a dog had licked clean and risk whatever germs they might have in their mouth than use a plate after Mark has touched it just in case he left some whiny little bi*** germs on there that might be contagious.
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