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BJ'S BLOG 11/19/13 "Letting Your Kid Get a Tattoo"

Ever feel like you just don’t have the answers? You can always turn to your fellow Rock-A-Holics for some free-and-easy Group Therapy. That’s what John did, so let’s see if we can help him out…
John’s son is a good kid. He’s turning 16 soon, and he wants a small tattoo for his birthday. Obviously, he wants to MARK the occasion! Okay, okay – that’s a bad joke, and I’m not too proud to admit it. I guess I NEEDLED to INK about it a little longer.
(I am so very sorry. Let’s move on.)
John and his wife actually support the idea of their son getting the tattoo he wants: A purple ribbon to show support for his younger sister, who suffers from seizures. The plan was set in motion, but once the tattoo artist was found, John’s wife started to get cold feet. John’s son is a minor; even though we’ve all seen tattoos on the under-18 crowd, the act of inking an underage customer is a misdemeanor in Washington state.
Obviously, we would never give advice that goes against the letter of the law, so the question now becomes this: “If you lived in a state where minors can get tattoos, would you allow them to do so?”
Ultimately, I think it depends on the kid…and the tattoo.
Let’s hear what you have to say, America! 

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11/19/2013 9:20AM
BJ'S BLOG 11/19/13 "Letting Your Kid Get a Tattoo"
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11/19/2013 9:50AM
To Ink or Not to Ink
In the case presented here and the reasons A purple ribbon to show support for his younger sister, I am totally in favor of the ink. Dan Sanders
11/19/2013 11:15AM
patience is a virtue
I think parents should set good examples for their children...I personally have 15 tattoos...would I let my teenage child get one? No...let them wait until they are a legal I did...if you still want the tattoo great, then you should get mark your 18th birthday...not your 16th
11/19/2013 11:30AM
No. They need to wait until there 18. I did and I am heavily tattoo'd but was also naive about tattooing even though I grew up around sailors and bikers. I endorse education on tattoos. Beyond the Ink us an excellent resource. Think before you ink
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