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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 11/29/12 "The Monsters-In-Laws"

The holiday season is finally here which means that a lot of people are going to be gathering with their families.

Unfortunately for Rock-A-Holic Randall, his family is on the east coast and his girlfriend of nine months wants them to go with her family for Christmas.

The problem is, after visiting her family for Thanksgiving, he absolutely doesn’t want to go back! Even though his girlfriend turned out well, her family is, in his words, the biggest group of losers he’s ever met! 

He says he has never had dinner where so many racist and homophobic remarks were said as freely as he did with this family. He didn’t want to be a #BLD (Bitches Love Drama) so he bit his cheek “ate their crappy” food and got out of there as soon as he could.

He knows his girlfriend will be devastated if he doesn’t go, but he isn’t sure what he should do.

 Unfortunately the answer to Randall’s problem is to simply suck it up. If he loves this girl, he then has to learn to love her family.  It’s just a few holidays, not an everyday occurrence. For Randall and anyone else in this problem during this holiday season, just use this strategy, bite your tongue when they say something you don’t agree with and try to find the good in them. 

Plus, in a 26-year study about in-laws, they found that if the husband had a close relationship to his wife’s parents, the chance of divorce went down by 20%.

My father-in-law was a good man, but he said some stupid things. When my son was born, all my co-workers and boss were at the hospital to congratulate us, and when someone said that my son looked healthy and had “a good color,” without skipping a beat, my father-in-law said, “of course he does, he’s WHITE!” This was in front of everyone I work with!

Yet, he still was good to my wife and kids…so I ignored his bad qualities for my wife’s sake. Just try to look past the bad and try to see some good in them, and you’ll make your girl happy.

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11/29/2012 9:51AM
BJ'S BLOG 11/29/12 "The Monsters-In-Laws"
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