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BJ'S BLOG 12/01/11 "Vicky B.'s Kinect Story"

Today our own Vicky B. guest writes my blog:

I’ve had a Kinect for X-box 360 in my home for about a year now, and it astonishes me how it is much more than just a gaming system in my family, but a bonder.

In my family, there are four very different people who inhabit our home so finding things to do together was often a challenge because of our own unique interests. We sometimes lock ourselves in our rooms, do our own thing, and sadly have very little interaction with each other.
When I first brought the Kinect home, everyone was amazed at the fact that there were no controllers involved; you are the controller!

Once we all started playing, we found games that suited us:

My brother and my dad love playing Kinect Sports Season: 2. My brother is already a track runner so you can imagine how badly he kicked our butts at football and track! It’s hard to find time on the Kinect because he tends to hog it sometimes!

My mom, who isn’t the most up to speed on technology, was having a blast and giggling like a little girl playing Kinect Adventures. I’ve never seen my mother react like that to video game before and she was surprised at how you can get your whole body in the game! You get a work out while playing an awesome game at the same time!

Currently my favorite has to be Dance Central 2. I’m not going to lie, I am very picky with music but Dance Central 2 isn’t just my favorite because we bust it out at parties and get togethers, I love it because it has introduced me to music I probably wouldn’t have really appreciated otherwise.

As I was saying earlier, the Kinect for X-box 360 has served as a bonder in my family because for the first time in a long time…we can all sit in our living room together, and have fun playing and watch the others play as well. No fighting (unless you’re playing boxing), everyone is enjoying each other’s company, and we are having a great time. It really was an awesome gift for my whole family.


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12/01/2011 8:12AM
BJ'S BLOG 12/01/11 "Vicky B.'s Kinect Story"
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