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BJ'S BLOG 12/03/12 "Bringing Back Twinkies"

For those who haven’t heard, Hostess, the company that make Twinkies and Ding Dongs, went bankrupt and was shutting down its doors for good.

There was a huge public outcry to save these pastries from leaving store shelves.
Well, last week, the executives who killed it said that Twinkies will live on, if they get their 1.8 million dollar bonuses first, and they got it approved!

This is what is wrong with America; they went bankrupt and yet still think it’s ok to have these ridiculous demands!  

I don't care who you are, but as an executive, you have failed because the product that I, and millions of others love, is no longer on the shelves for us to buy.  You can blame the union or whoever you want, but the bottom line is…you are the one who has failed, so take accountability for your mistakes!

The worst part of this is how greedy these executives are. This bankruptcy wiped out 18 thousand jobs and these jerks are so entitled they think they should get their bonuses. This is why I hate big business; they don’t care about the little guy or their customers anymore.  

12/03/2012 8:59AM
BJ'S BLOG 12/03/12 "Bringing Back Twinkies"
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12/03/2012 10:20AM
twinkie support
maybe the federal government can step in and subsidize the company like auto industry, then everyone can enjoy
12/03/2012 2:10PM
Like most things in the media nowadays, you're not getting the full story. How many executives are we talking about? Was the money that they received in bonuses enough to save the company from bankruptcy? I kinda doubt it, but I have to ask. And if this money was available do you leave it on the table and go through bankruptcy and lose that money, or divide it up, which is legal, and count it as a loss with the rest of the assets? I'm no bookkeeper, or tax attorney or anything like that, but I would bet it's one of those situations that you use it or you lose it.
12/15/2012 8:00PM
i miss twinkies
why did you pplz stop making twinkies????????????????? you crushed my dreams of one day having little twinkies minions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02/12/2013 8:32PM
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02/26/2013 7:23PM
Remember, as a CEO, dealing with unions this agressive, without some level of repayment, it is easily more worthwhile to move on to a new company. Also, in comparison to many companies, a bonus like this is actually not very high. It is primarily the union's fault that Hostess failed. Requireing high pay of low skill workers is insanity and forces hostess to raise prices, making it so less customers are willing to pay an increased cost. Your argument fails to account for even a small fraction of the story behind this...
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