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BJ'S BLOG 12/06/12 "Hypocrisy with Genders"

Yesterday on the show, we talked about the story of some sexual misconduct in a bar…and it was done by a drunken woman!

Jana Lawrence, a 46-year-old from Georgia, was arrested after she allegedly screamed profanities, exposed her breasts to other customers and even rubbed the genitals of another woman and men in two different bars. She also licked one woman’s face and another man’s arm tattoo.

When she was arrested, she repeatedly called the police officer derogatory terms for homosexual males and people of African-American descent; threatening to sue them and promising to bury them under the jail.

Then when in the jail, she asked the female sheriff’s deputy "if she had and wanted a girlfriend," as she was at intake.

What is going on here? As men, we have been taught not to touch, grab or grope women without their permission, yet some women think that the rules don’t apply to them!

I was on Pinterest and I saw this picture that is going around of a woman running on a baseball field, being chased by authorities, and pinching the butt of a baseball player!

Here is the picture:


What really pisses me off is that there are women commenting on this picture saying they would do the same thing! If it was a guy on the field who was running around, being an idiot and pinching a woman’s behind, then having a bunch of guys comment on how they would do the same thing…you don’t think the women’s community would be up in arms about this? 

How are women doing this and commenting about how they would do the same when they were the ones who originally said this was not ok?

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12/06/2012 8:17AM
BJ'S BLOG 12/06/12 "Hypocrisy with Genders"
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12/06/2012 2:45PM
I've had this happen to me...
Being a guy who wears a kilt fairly frequently, I have personally witnessed this double standard on numerous occasions. Quite frequently I'm asked what I'm wearing, occasionally someone will try and cop a feel, and one time while standing outside the bar a chick lifts the front of my kilt for all to see. I've even had the comment made that I was "Asking for it" because of how I was dressed. Quite the double standard.
12/06/2012 4:07PM
Are you really that naive?
BJ, I listen every day and think you're a guy with a pretty good grasp on reality, pretty level headed (when you're not exploding of course), and generally represent my thoughts pretty well in most things; but are you really so naive to think that the entire gender equality was ever about equality? Really? So you think that if women could earn an equal dollar for ever dollar a man earned in the work place they'd be happy and not want $1.10 for every dollar a man earned? I think this is very calculated. They didn't want to be treated as equals - women wanted the upper hand and got it. So now they can enjoy the liberties that men are not allowed, and women can enjoy advantages we men cannot. I mean the double standard in how Teacher Student sexual relationships are viewed - BY BOTH SEXES - attests to how the equality is far from equal. Maybe your questions are really just disguised outrage, but I really am surprised at your astonishment, otherwise. thanks, Loyal listener, long time fan! - A conservative in Seattle.
02/12/2013 5:17PM
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