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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 12/14/12 "You're Wearing What?!"

Caleb sent us an email that we read we read yesterday saying that he was having issues with something his girlfriend was wearing!

He’s been with his girlfriend for two years; they’re both in their early 30’s, and having a great relationship. The only problem is she still wears clothes that belong to her ex boyfriend! She’s wears them around the house and wears his pajamas to bed.

Caleb feels like this is completely disrespectful to him and wants her to lose these clothes immediately!

It amazes me how some women are completely clueless to what men are all about.
I can’t really blame younger women because they are not getting trained properly by their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, etc. To me though, this is just a no brainer…you just don’t do this!

What I don’t understand though is why his girlfriend thought it was a good idea to tell him who those clothes belonged to in the first place. What was the point of that?

I’m sure that if Caleb decided to keep something from an ex and paraded around the house with it, his girlfriend would be outraged! Some women are very hypocritical; they expect men to be understanding to things they feel are big deals yet they can’t do the same for us.

If you have clothes, gifts, etc from an ex and you enter a new relationship, you have two options, either lie about where they came from or throw them out. Don’t go starting drama over this.  

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12/14/2012 8:50AM
BJ'S BLOG 12/14/12 "You're Wearing What?!"
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