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 BJ Shea

BJ'S BLOG 12/23/13 " Mauled at the Mall"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:

I ventured into one of the many local malls today, a chance I rarely take, especially around the celebration of Christmas, fearing for my safety. Though spelled differently—mall and maul—the sound is the same, and I supposed one could write a completely ridiculous riddle about being mauled at the mall. So I did.

Here in the spirit of the season

My mind has lost all reason,

So off I went to get mauled

In the center of crazy called a mall.

With music playing and toys tall

In a corner I trembled watching it all.

While revelers of madness both far and near

Grabbed items from hangers, from shelves, and from tiers,

Children screamed and parents dreamed.

Santa chuckled. What did it all mean?

Did it all get lost, this do unto others?

What did that cost, as they did unto you?

Love thy neighbor as thyself

Look out, lady, you just squashed an elf.


Happy holidays, everyone. There’s more lunacy inside the shores of Rambling Harbor.

While snowflakes glisten, please give a listen.



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12/23/2013 3:31PM
BJ'S BLOG 12/23/13 " Mauled at the Mall"
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