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BJ'S BLOG 12/30/13 " Stuff, AKA Clutter!"

Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:

With the jolly season of Christmas having come and gone, I’ve been thinking about stuff.
Stuff:  What actually is stuff?  The way I figure it, stuff has no definition. It’s a shape-shifter of the inanimate world. It can look like a box, a bag, or just a pile of, well, STUFF!  It is still stuff no matter how it’s disguised.

It seems some people are addicted to stuff. There is never enough. I’m not talking about hoarders but true collectors of stuff: old magazines, records, photos, furniture, etc., much of some value.  Collectors are not in it to turn a tidy profit but just to have it. And the more they have the less tidy the profit seems. Put it in a box or a bag, books in that one, pictures in the other, and so on. Then put them all in larger boxes or bags, and what do you have? Viola! More stuff.

I’m not a stuff person. The less stuff I have, the happier I am. For many years, I lived out of a backpack and a cardboard box that was long and flat and fit under a bed. What that cardboard box held I couldn’t tell you now, but at the time it was very important stuff. A former wife and still good friend, who never looked inside that box, simply referred to it as the under-the-bed box of stuff. Since those days, I have lost the box and the wife but kept the good friend.

I believe that in some galaxy in a demission far, far away, somewhere in someone’s belief system, there is a planet called “Stuff” and that is where the stuff collectors go in the hereafter.  It is loaded with all kinds of good stuff—different stuff but stuff all the same—and in its stuff-ness is oneness.
We who are not over-stuffed with stuff and would really be glad to have even less stuff in our lives, live in cultural hell, falling ever deeper into a kind of Dante’s circle—never-ending, soul-confining clutter. However, if the clutter children have their place of divine eternity and disorganized confusion, so must the ones who want to live clutter-free. Our planet is called “Neat,” truly a neat planet with a place for everything and everything in its place and only enough of anything to make life as comfortable as need be.

They say you can’t take it with you, but if your stuff, small or large, brings you joy on this earth, then after all is said and done, it's good.

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12/30/2013 10:12AM
BJ'S BLOG 12/30/13 " Stuff, AKA Clutterl"
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01/05/2014 4:36PM
Dan Sanders makes his point with a neat little dose of humor at our foibles and fixations about our 'stuff'....I'd been into 'stuff' aka books -and and all kinds, and had 3 massive bookcases 'stuffed', before my first husband who'd been wondering where the next bookcase could possibly fit, put his foot down.. No more I began these neat little piles of books...all alone the bedroom wall, and the den downstairs and.... eventually of course I got another bookcase. because books are MY favorite kind of stuff but in one regard I disagree with Dan...I'm bloody well going to try my best to TAKE it with me or I'm Not Goin'....Nobody interferes between me and my 'stuff'. Love Dan's take on just about everything !!!!
01/06/2014 5:14AM
To Above Comment
Hi there, I love your comment and thank you for taking the time to post it. Your description of your books VS husband is very funny, and it sounds like if anyone can find a way to take it with them, you will Dan Sanders
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