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BJ'S Blog 01/27/12 "Closure"

Yesterday during Group Therapy we talked about an email we received from Trevor who really showed how women have vaginized men.

Travis is happily married with kids now, but recently he read an article about an ex and was wondering if it was ok to try to reconnect with her, not for anything sexual, but to get “closure.”

Here is a littleback ground information: they dated when he was 18-years-old and she 19, but later broke up when she cheated on him. Travis went on to say in his email that she ripped his heart out, but in hindsight, he thinks that he probably would’ve cheated on himself as well since he was unemployed, broke, and living with his mom.

When I heard that, I instantly believed that Trevor had low self esteem, nobody deserves to be cheated on. Cheating is the cowardly way out!

Steve also pointed out something really important: he was 18! It was perfectly alright for him to be broke and living with mom! She should have broken up with him before she cheated on him.

In the article Travis read about his ex, it talks about how she started a business and 19 and how successful she has become.

Travis wanted to send her an email to ask her how she’s been, tell her congrats, and like I said before, to get “closure”.

Really? What kind of closure do you need for a teenage relationship that happened 10 years ago?

It just sickens me to see how vaginized some men have become.

I know I am being harsh with Travis but I am using him as an example to teach other younger men.

There is no good reason to reconnect with an ex if you are happy with your current relationship. If you’re not happy, then go to counseling to get “closure.” If you do see that ex, old feelings can surface and you might end up doing something to ruin your marriage.


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01/27/2012 9:47AM
BJ'S Blog 01/27/12 "Closure"
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