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BJ'S BLOG 06/28/13 "Legalize This Next "
Yesterday on the show we talked about some alleged sexual activity going on at a bikini barista stand involving a police officer!

On Tuesday, a Snohomish County sheriff's sergeant was arrested after police said he had sex with a bikini barista coffee shop owner and manager in exchange for tipping them off to when the police were going to come and do their investigation. The Everett police said the investigation was a part of an effort to stop prostitution and lewd contact. 

The owner of Java Juggs was also arrested which wasn’t her first time because she was also arrested in July 2011 during a prostitution investigation.

First off, I want to start off and say that if this is true and they were being dumb, they should be punished for breaking the law.

Secondly, the thing I don’t understand is why prostitution is illegal in this day and age. Why can’t it be a simple business transaction between two consenting adults? If we treated it like a business where we taxed it and also made sure it was safe, how could that be a bad thing?

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BJ'S BLOG 06/27/13 Loaning Parents Money
During Group Therapy, we read a message from a Rock-A-Holic named Jeremy who needed some advice on loaning money.

His parents recently came to him asking to borrow $3,000 from him and they promised to pay him back in three weeks.

He doesn’t know what they need the money for nor does he think he does but what doesn’t make sense to Jeremy is that both his parent make substantially more than him. He asks if he should lend them the money or not. 

Call me old and backwards but if you have to borrow money from your kid, you’ve made a lot of mistakes in your life.

Even if you make more money than your kid but still want to borrow some, I’m sorry but you’re a loser.

Successful men and women will never want to ask their kids for anything. This makes me wonder what Jeremy’s folks are really scheming.

As a father, I am very firm about what a good parent is and when the child has to take on the role and the mother or father starts acting like a kid, then they failed.

 A lot of people texted said, “Well, they raised you, you owe them.” It is a parent’s job to take care of a child! I wish these vaginized people would open their eyes and see this is the truth.

Here is a good rule of thumb for loans: Don’t ever loan money you couldn’t give as a gift. If you consider it as a gift, you won’t be upset or be in a financial bind if you don’t get it back. This same rule should be applied to family no exceptions.  
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