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BJ'S BLOG 07/31/13 "Paying for Brest Implants"
During Group Therapy yesterday, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Larry who was upset over something his girlfriend wanted to wear.  

Larry and his girlfriend have been together for almost three years; she is 25 years-old and he is 30. The problem is, she will be going to a company party at a lake and she wants to wear a bikini.

He explains that she works with 50 male coworkers and there are only three other women and none of them are attractive enough to wear a bikini. His girlfriend would be the only one getting attention and he doesn’t want all these guys looking at what he “spent good money on” which would be her breast implants!

She thinks he’s being too controlling but Larry says he trusts her but not these guys who will probably be drinking and doesn’t see why she can’t just wear shorts and a tee shirt.

First off, I think Larry was acting dumb when he paid for her boob job. Secondly, I am always suspicious of any woman who wants to get a breast implants. If I was dating a woman who even said that she wanted new boobs I would immediately be out.

Yes women dye their hair and wear make up to look good but to me, breasts are a sexual thing!
Before we had this technology, women had to like themselves for how they were but now they go under the knife to change anything about their looks to the point where it becomes a sickness. 
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BJ'S BLOG 07/30/13 "Dating a Former Teacher"
Yesterday on the show, we read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Janet who is sick to her stomach because of who her son is dating.

Janet’s son is 19-years-old and she knows she can’t stop him from dating but he is dating his former high school teacher.

He graduated from high school a year ago and swears that nothing happened while he was in school. It all started when they saw each other at the movie theatre and after they talked for a while, they hit it off.  

She doesn’t have a problem with the age difference (she is 25-years-old) but with the fact that it is morally wrong to date a former student.

I don’t see how this is morally wrong; they are both consenting adults and he is no longer a student. 

I appreciate that Janet wrote in to get some advice but if I was her husband in this situation, I would tell her that she overreacting. Women have no problem telling men they are being irrational and I don’t think we have enough men pulling their women aside and telling them the same thing when they are acting in kind. I think it should go both ways and be fair. 

If they had a fling while he was still a student, then it would be a problem because it is illegal because, due to her position of power.

Steve the Producer brought up the point that maybe she is worried about what her friends and peers will say when they find out. Personally, I hate talking to my peers about kids.  Some people seem to value their self worth by how well their kids are doing! All I care about is if my kids are happy and healthy; people should judge me for me! Not by the actions of my kids.

Janet needs to step back and let her son make his decisions and if it works out with this woman then great, if not, he can chalk it up it’s just another life experience.
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BJ'S BLOG 07/29/13 "Orcas, Kanye, and the Royal Baby"
Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:
Gas prices, royal baby, baseball suspensions, computer hoaxes, social media, phony friends, fake music, cyber war, cyber whore, computer games, games of war, husband and wife war, talking head commentators.
What to write about, what to talk about, too much to think about, welcome to the world of Dan, to the world of too much.
 Well, for starters, there's a new documentary coming out called "Blackfish," which shows baby Orcas being taken away from their crying - literally wailing - moms in the open ocean for capture at SeaWorld. It's causing a firestorm between SeaWorld and the documentary makers, more on that some other time,  and little more in the podcast itself. But don’t wait for me, look it up and act now.
Kanye West beat up another photographer, give me a break Kanye, you want publicity, and you have to have publicity. It's a significant part of what feeds you. If the DJ's ain't saying it, the band ain't playing it, and downloads ain't burning' it, then as the old master Bob Dylan said, “You ain't gonna nowhere” and you knew the deal going in, from whatever age you could think. That age has come right Kanye? You are one in many, many, and many to the second power of people that need of some alone time, especially of course celebrities. I agree. And one in a hand full that finds it necessary to beat someone up because you can’t get your privacy in the middle of an airport.  I think that if you believe strongly enough in any cause, truly believe in that cause, and that it is indisputably, irrevocably best for all human beings, and then with any type of acting skills and delivery you can create a theater of the mind just like the actor, the politician, the writer, the commentator. Yes, the commentator, the professional pontificator of Devin knowledge and devilish dealt doses of delirium that races through populations like a cold New York Egg cream at a soda fountain on a hot August day.
So I got tired of waiting for the Royal little bundle of constant poop machine to arrive. While every media outlet on earth and every professional broadcaster suffering from  verbal masturbation (getting off on the sound of your voice) made me think this was the greatest event since the second coming. And as far as I know that event has not taken place. Come on I wish the kid a happy silver spoon, yea he has that.  I do wish a happy healthy life to all involved, but did he change my life? Will he change my life? Not in this life, unless the kid does a reverse, Benjamin Button and is King in a Day? I know?! Give him time.
That list or line above? Yes that one   the top, Way up, third word ‘ Subjects” that started as just the things I thought I might want to talk about here on this parchment paper with quill pen and then the amazing world of cyber space, throw in a few comments or trow out a few. As for what’s in the podcast? Well, as Bob Seger said, “Deadlines and commitments, What to leave in what to leave out."
So splash ashore with me and will see were these tales will land us…
Oh! And back to the Cause thing and making people believe you if you believe strongly enough in yourself.
As far as the talking heads of forever enlightenment go. I think you shake up all the ideas and possibilities. Throw them on the table jump up and down on them with all the heat and emotion you and your brain can muster. And then, and then, make up your own mind, as best you can, for now, and  go watch the sun set, and rise… again and again. And then, when you know what you truly believe, most of all, truly believe, just like the pontificators, go out and in some way, nonviolently, in spoken word, or song, or on paper or video whatever works for you. Express your beliefs, NOW!  And maybe things will change. And you know what? The future king’s birth at least dealt with life created not life destroyed. And at least they didn’t name the kid Monty, Monty Mountbatten-Windsor, still better than North West.
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BJ'S BLOG 07/26/13 "Texting Nude Pictures"
Earlier this week, we received a message from a Rock-A-Holic named Mandy who was very angry over something her boyfriend of four years did!

He recently admitted to her that when he was hanging out with his two best friends, he showed them naked pictures of Mandy that she had texted him. She was furious but he didn’t see what the big deal was because he didn’t forward the pictures to them! His excuse was that after a few drinks his buddies showed him pictures of their ladies and they pressured him to show some of Mandy.

She is so embarrassed that she doesn’t even want to see his friends now that they have seen her naked but her boyfriend keeps telling her it’s not a big deal. Mandy wanted to know if she is overacting or if she is in the right.

I do think there is a double standard when it comes to this because if it was a woman showing off naked pictures of her boyfriend, men would be expected to brush it off. Also, this is a good example for other woman and even men as to why it’s not always a good idea to send naked pictures of yourself to anyone because once they are sent, they are out there forever. At least use Snapchat!

However, I do think her boyfriend was acting like an idiot for two reasons; one he show a picture of the person he is in a serious relationship with in a vulnerable position to his friend, then his second mistake was to tell her about it.

I know I talk about being an h-hole but I’ve learned that some women don’t really want to hear the truth about certain things. If you’ve done something that you know is wrong, either don’t tell them or be accountable. Don’t try to make an excuse for your dumb behavior, own up to it. 
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BJ'S BLOG 07/25/13 "Making Babies"
Yesterday during Group Therapy, we received an email that really made me angry.
A Rock-A-Holic who went by the name “Vanessa” to protect her identity, is doing something behind her husband’s back.

She and her husband are both 32-years-old and have been married for seven years and have talked about having kids. Her husband says that he is not ready for kids yet and would like to wait a few more years but Vanessa says she’s ready now and has secretly stopped taking her birth control pills.

In her email, she said that she knows it’s the wrong thing to do but fears her husband might not ever want to have kids or that she will be too old when he finally is ready. She also goes on to say that he would be happy if she were to get pregnant now.

This is going to sound harsh but this heinous and grounds for divorce. Men are generally looked on as the gender that does all the betraying but I believe this is a horrible betrayal on her part!

I understand that she feels like it’s a good time to have a baby, she’s been married for a while now and doesn’t want to be too old when she gets pregnant, but this is a life changing decision! This is something that needs to be agreed upon by both of them.

This shows a major problem in today’s society; people would rather cheat and go the easy route than make the hard choices!

It’s probably not easy for Vanessa to hear, but if she talks to her husband and he’s still opposed to it, she can wait until he’s ready or leave. That is her right, and it’s his right to not start a family if he’s not ready. 
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BJ'S BLOG 07/24/13 "Fantasies"
Earlier this week on the show, we received a text from a Rock-A-Holic named Jennifer who needed some advice.

She has been having dreams about her having sex with a co-worker and even though it’s just fantasies, she feels as guilty as if she was cheating on her boyfriend.  

Her girlfriends say that everyone does it, that is not a big deal so she shouldn’t feel like she’s cheating but Jennifer wanted to get our opinion on it.

I know as men; we can fantasize about a woman and have it be that, a fantasy. We are allowed to think about what we want when we are having our own “private time” and that is not anyone’s business to know or judge.

As long as Jennifer doesn’t cross the line over to anything physical or emotional with this coworker she is fine. Now the reason I bring up the emotional aspect is because some women are more likely to emotionally cheat than physically cheat because the positive attention of a man is worth more in their eyes.

Most men just like the physical component so I think a woman getting emotional stimulated by another man is just as bad as a man having sex with another woman, because they both get the same pleasure from it! 

As long as Jennifer keeps the separation between fantasy and action, she shouldn’t feel guilty.
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BJ'S BLOG 07/22/13 "Heat Wave"
Today's podcast comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders:
(After reading remember to join me on the shores of Rambling Harbor, Pod Cast)
Thirteen days in Boston that has been over 90 degrees. The average is 14 for the entire summer.  This is the third, official heat wave for this summer.  It seems the extreme heat in many parts of the country is reflecting the mood throughout the country, hot and angry like heat waves reflect of a straight Texas highway. Bubbling up in front of you, vaporizing into the sky, and then returning, with more heat, more anger, and no answers.  That’s what riots after the Zimmerman Martin verdict are like, a lot of heat and anger that disappears as we recline back into our state of acceptance until some other event sparks the heat again and again and still no answers.
 I have to wonder why we look for answers from TV, radio, newspapers, and overpriced talking heads.  The answers we all know, and they are inside each one of us. And change has been and will be slow. But sitting on our fists leaning back on our thumbs until we have another excuse to become outraged and riot, or spew forth our anger with heads spinning around like the little girl in the exorcist. These actions will never accomplish anything except more highway vaporizing heat. 
And of course in this kind of heat one's thoughts often turn to naked people and sex.
Sex... It’s no secret that sex sells everything and anything. Heidi Klum tweeted topless pictures of herself. Kate Upton appeared scantily clad for a motorcycle company. And there is a language-learning company that gets your attention by showing a bodacious babe it a very tight T-shirt.
I do not object to this and in fact, if Heidi and Kate want to put on a show, then I’m happy to be in the audience. However, what does bother me is the manipulative use of skin and sex? If I want to learn a language, I do not need a lovely pair of Cíche making me think of gnéas to get my attention. If I want to buy a motor cycle, I’ll worry about the comhpháirtíochta after I get the ride.
Recently, Justin Timberlake released a new video called “Tunnel Vision” which was banned but the explicit version can still be ogled on YouTube. Yes, it had topless women dancing in it. Yes, I did go to the video and watch about half of it, strictly for research purposes. And I left wondering what the big deal was. Except for the dancing and the fact that they were topless, there was not much more to be seen than I see while shopping for bananas at my local grocery store on a hot day? Or driving down the beach in the summer is enough to give any 14-year-old boy eye strain. The song is not very good so it’s obvious the distracting young nubiles were to try to keep me from noting the song is not very good. But it got a hit on YouTube from me. I probably just caused many more men and women to go looking for the song.
There has to be something very wrong with a society that will not let a 14-year-old see a beautiful woman or man naked in a very artistic way. And after you have seen the video, by the way, you have to prove your age to see it. you'll realize it’s not great art in the video, but it is a long, long way from porn.
But this same 14 year old can get into see a large number of movies with a lot of gross and gratuitous violence and in some cases a scantily-clad nubile lady or chiseled male looking really cute as, they either get their head whacked off or blow someone to heaven. No hidden meaning implied or intended. 
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BJ'S BLOG 07/19/13 "Round of Golf"
Earlier this week, we received a text at 77999 from a Rock-A-Holic name George.

He explained that the other day his buddy invited him out for a round of golf at Chambers Bay. Half way through playing, he finds out that it wasn’t free and he owed over $200!

 He ended up paying for it but he still hadn’t even told his wife. George was pissed off at his friend and even asked him to pay him back for it but his buddy just laughed at him.

George couldn’t understand why his friend wouldn’t tell him they were going somewhere that was that expensive and wanted to know if his friend owes him the money or not.

Situations like this make me feel like I really am getting older because this is simply a no brainer to me.

Whenever I am invited anywhere I always assume I am paying for my meal, ticket, or product.
I don’t know if George is a newbie golfer but if he’s been doing it for a while, he has to know that some courses are be expensive. Yeah, his buddy should have given him a heads up, but if he’s tight on cash he should have asked. 
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BJ'S BLOG 07/18/13 "Gaining Weight"
Yesterday on the show, I read a survey that asked men if they’d dump their girlfriend if she gained, quote, “a significant amount” of weight.

When it comes to American men, it was split down the middle with 50% of men say they’d dump her while 50% say they wouldn’t.

They also surveyed men in Canada, the U.K., and Australia and the men in Canada were the only ones more likely to dump a girlfriend for gaining weight, 52% to 48%.

The thing is, we men are told to not look at woman physically but we still do because that is the biology of being a man. When it comes to getting married, guys know that they need to look at more than just looks; it’s about her personality and their ability to solve problems as a team.

However, I believe that when people enter a long term relationship, they should put in some effort to try to appeal to their significant other.   

We as men won’t really notice some weight gain or aging, but we appreciate it when our ladies want to look their best for us.

Some women will probably think that is a shallow expectation but I truly believe that it is equally shallow when men are forced to be their woman’s therapist.

It seems fair that if a woman tries her best, even if she doesn’t look anything like she did when you first met, but if she’s trying her hardest to look good for her man, than I think in return he should do things for her like listening and supporting her.

I don’t value that more than a woman appearance.  I’m not a trained therapist and it’s just as shallow to use me like one. Marriage is simple, do what I like and I’ll do what you like. 
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BJ'S BLOG 07/17/13 "Dogs NOT for Sale"
Yesterday on the show, we received a message from a Rock-A-Holic named Dan who was dealing with an angry wife.

Last weekend, they took their dogs to Ocean Shores to play at the beach. While there, a guy walked up and complemented and told them how cute their dogs were. The guy then asks to purchase their older dog and Dan’s wife immediately shoot him down saying “they’re not for sale.”

The guy proceeds to offer them $5000 for their pet! Dan’s wife said no again then picked up her dogs and walked away. She is still mad at Dan for even considering this!
He wanted to know since he didn’t do anything, should his wife still be upset for him thinking about selling their dog.

There are some people who get upset when I say this but I really think we shouldn’t be treating pets as well as or better than humans! I get so tired of seeing people carrying around their dog and referring to it as their child!  I understand caring for a pet but I truly think some people have an unhealthy attachment to it.

Also, Dan’s wife has no room to be upset. He didn’t sell the dog, he only thought about how their future could benefit from having that extra sum of cash. It is unreasonable to get upset over something that didn’t happen and she should get over it.
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BJ'S BLOG 07/16/13 "Friends with Benefits"
Last week during Group Therapy, we receive a message from a Rock-A-holic name Jason who needed some advice on “friends with benefits.” 

He recently broke it off with a girl and shortly after he received a text from her practically begging for a booty call. He let her come over because after all, sex is sex he thought. 

The next morning, she wanted to know where the relationship stood; so he was honest and straightforward with her and she went on her way. 

Some of his friends have told him that he was being a jerk that was sending mixed signals. Jason wanted to know why he couldn’t have a “friends with benefits” situation with an ex. 

There is the famous saying, “you don’t pay a prostitute for sex, you pay her to leave” and it sounds like that is what he is looking for, someone to leave without an emotional attachment. 

A big difference between most men and women is that some woman associate sex with love while some men don’t see that correlation.  These women need to understand they can call a man for a booty call, but just because they like the sex, it doesn’t mean they like them in that way. 

Ladies, you are killing yourselves when you do things like this because you are assuming men think the same way when on average, we don’t. 
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BJ'S BLOG 07/15/13 "Wounded Knee"
Today's guest blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders.
** Most of what you will hear this time, inside the podcast will have very little to do with what you are now going to read on the outside. But you will find out what Mark Sanford, Bill Spitzer, Bill Clinton and The Twinkies have in common. And some other rambling thoughts as well.
I just read that Johnny Depp wants to buy the area of Wounded Knee and return it to the Native Americans. Bon Jovi also just gave one million dollars to New Jersey to help with the recovery from the storm Sandy. People like these two make me very proud and happy. Unlike Ellen DeGeneres that I wrote and bloged about a few weeks ago who likes to spend her money buying unneeded 26 million dollar mansions. And she already had bought and sold one for a profit in that price range.
It was a cold 29th of December in the year 1890. When one thinks about the year, it was only 123 years ago. It was not that long ago when you consider that there is a woman in England who 3 years ago celebrated her 109th birthday. My grandfather was 98 when he died and that was in 1968. This means he was born in 1866 and was a young man of 24 when the Massacre at Wounded Knee took place. My grandfather and my mother were full-blooded Cherokee, born in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Their story: The “Trail Of Tears," a forced death march of the Cherokees is a story for telling at another time. 
We are in many ways a very young country. At least, we are young in terms of the arrival of the Pilgrims and the desecration of a very old land and its original people. The people who had farmed and hunted the land for hundreds upon hundreds of years, before the settlers came. People who worshiped the land, had reverence for nature and the animals that served their needs. They took only what they needed and would have never polluted the skies or dirtied the waters. 
And so, on that cold December day in 1890, 500 troops of the US 7th cavalry supported by Hotchkiss guns, guns which were light weight, made for travel, allowing the Calvary to surround the encampment of the Miniconjour, Sioux ( Lakota) and Hunkpapa. 
The army had orders to transport the Sioux by railroad to Omaha, Nebraska. The day before the Sioux had given up their flight from the troops and agreed to peacefully turn themselves in at the Pine Ridge Agency in South Dakota. They were the last of the Sioux to do that. 
In the process of disarming the Sioux, a deaf Sioux by the name of Black Coyote could not hear the order to surrender his rifle. This set off a fight that left approximately 300 Lakota women, men and children dead. About 25 troops were killed; many believed to be the victims of friendly fire in the chaos. About 150 Lakota fled and the rest were left on the ground to die from hypothermia. 
After this battle,the most Medals of Honor, the highest recognition for bravery were the most ever awarded to U.S. soldier of all wars in the United States... and to think it was all because a deaf Lakota could not hear the order to surrender his rifle. 
In witness to how little we have learned, 83 years later February 27, 1973 the town of Wounded Knee was seized peacefully by followers of the American Indian Movement (AIM). The control of the town lasted for 71 days. There is disagreement as to whether the town was cordoned off as AIM claims, or if the blockade took place after the takeover. However, the reasons that AIM was there was to oppose Oglala tribal chairman Richard A." Dick" Wilson. Wounded Knee was chosen for obvious reasons. 
By the morning of February 28, the police had set up roadblocks, cordoned off the area and began arresting people trying to leave the town. The equipment brought by the military included fifteen armored personnel carriers, rifles, grenade launchers, flares and 133,000 rounds of ammunition. There were paramilitary personnel armed with automatic weapons, snipers, helicopters, armored personnel carriers equipped with .50 mm caliber machine guns. 
One eye witness, a journalist, chronicled...” sniper fire from federal helicopters”, “bullets dancing around in the dirt and “sounds of shooting all over town." Throughout the conflict, Frank Clearwater, a Wounded Knee occupier, was shot in the head while asleep and died on April 25. Lawrence Lamont was shot in the heart and died April 26. U.S. Marshall Lloyd Grimm was paralyzed from the waist down, again by a gunshot wound. 
AIM claims that the government tried starving out the occupants, and the occupiers smuggled food and medical supplies past roadblocks set up by Dick Wilson.
Now here comes what may be a surprise to the reader: I was an eyewitness to at least a part of the occupation and can certify that the military presence, the roadblocks, and the attempt to starve not just men, but women and children as well were real. 
On a March night with a jeep loaded with peanut butter and bread and having informed the powers that be, that all I would be carrying was food. I took a back road (actually it wasn't a road at all) into the town and having arrived and returned, counted 27 bullet holes in my jeep. I had dropped off my supplies and left the same way I came in. When I read about bullets dancing around in the dark and the dirt, I smiled, because some of those bullets were dancing behind, around and in front of me. You will never see my name associated with this movement, and I am not even sure that any of the occupants of that small town of Pine Ridge, South Dakota ever knew my name. That was the way I wanted it, and besides, I wanted out as quickly as possible. I do not want to prove any of this; most of it can be proven by history. 
However, I will tell you that I often smile to think that some child ate and lived because of a peanut butter sandwich instead of a gun. 
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BJ'S BLOG 07/11/13 "Unreasonable People"
Yesterday on the show, a Rock-A-Holic named Chris wrote in asking for some Group Therapy advice.

Chris is in his mid 30’s and a few months ago met a girl in her late 20’s online and they started dating. She seemed fine for the first month until she decided she needed to take a break from their relationship. They ended up getting back together a week later and things were once again fine for the next month and a half.  

During the 4th of July week, her mother came to town to visit and she had mentioned to Chris that her mom was a raving lunatic who abused her as a teenager.

His plan was to take them out to dinner for the 4th of July and then out to a firework show. Things were going great until the check came and the mom offered to pay the tip. He hesitated but agreed to which his girlfriend gave him “the stare of death.”

Needless to say, when they got home, she was furious and he says there was no talking to her. She then ignored him for 5 days before finally deleting him off of Facebook.

He wanted to know if he really did something so abhorrent that he deserved to be treated this way.  

I am so tired of men getting in trouble for stuff like this. The mother offered to pay a part of the meal and if she didn’t want to pay for it, why would she offer in the first place!

Chris is better off without this girl because she got mad over something that shouldn’t be a big deal then refused to talk about it like an adult. She couldn’t get passed the antiquated tradition where the man is supposed to pay for every single thing (which is ridiculous because are we not supposed to be equal in today’s society) and see that he was willing to entertain a woman she talked so badly about. When a man really likes a woman, more often than not, he will dislike the people who have hurt their girlfriend/wife.

The one key and simple concept that Chris and everyone need to keep in mind is there is no reasoning with unreasonable people so it’s best to just walk away.

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BJ'S BLOG 07/09/13 "Belly Ring"
Yesterday during Group Therapy, I read an email from a Rock-A-Holic named Jeff who needed some parenting advice.

He is the father of three kids, his oldest being a 13-year-old, well mannered girl who is a “straight A” student.

Recently, she asked ifshe could get her belly button pierced along with her mom as a “bonding experience.”

At first he though “HELL NO” but after talking to other parents, they told him they not only don’t see a problem with this, they would let their daughters do it too.
Jeff is no longer with the mother of his daughter, but they have a good relationship, though the way the tone of his email was written makes me think that he is the custodial parent and the mom is the “weekend parent.”

This type of parenting where the kids have two households they go to with different rules is something I’ve never experienced. It has always been my wife and I in the same household and we always consulted with each other on what we will let our kids do or how to punish them.

What Jeff needs to do is have a unified front with his ex and explain to her that she needs to consult with him before doing anything like this. She has placed him in a bad position with his daughter because she went to her daughter with this idea before talking with him first.
As for the belly button piercing, the good news is that it can be removed but this is something they need to discuss as a parenting team.

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BJ'S BLOG 07/08/13 "With Liberty and Justice For All"
Today's blog comes from one of my mentors, Dan Sanders.
I want to start off my saying that I hope everyone had a great and especially safe 4th of July.
July 2nd 1776 a day we seem to overlook when we celebrate our 13 colonies separating from British rule. It was actually on July 2nd that we declared our independence. In fact, the only reason that we celebrated on the 4th is the declaration had been debated and revised sounds like not much has changed in congress since then. But the wording of the Declaration was debated and finally approved on July 4th. A day earlier, John Adams had written to his wife Abigail. 
“The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival. It ought to be commemorated as the day of deliverance, by solemn acts of devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires”
Two words that stand out there to me are “ God Almighty” and unless God Almighty drove like an idiot on his stage coach down a dusty trail while drunk on moon shine then we have totally forgotten that part along with the actual day being the 2nd day of July.
Another part of our history we seem to have forgotten is. “With liberty and justice for all, written in The Pledge of Allegiance in August 1892 by the socialist minister Francis Bellamy.
Liberty and justice for all did not specify you had to be a particular color or of a certain belief.
Jamie Foxx seems to have forgotten all the above as he wears his Trayvon Martin T-shirt at the BET awards. It seems to me that justice for all does not include a major celebrity trying to sway the justice to suit his own beliefs. Highly visible people like Foxx have the ability to make people think, Wow if he’s against George Zimmerman who is accused of taking the life of Martin unnecessarily, which, in fact, he may have. 
However, that is up to the courts to decide. And if the jury finds Zimmerman innocent then wearing of that T-shirt by the bigot Foxx will still be the bigger thing to outlive. By the way, the definition of a bigot is a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion. Jamie Foxx, in my opinion, is a bigot who is basing his opinions not on fact but color.
In 1980, I wanted to move my mom a full-blooded Cherokee from Virginia to Boston. I was asked if that was really a good idea because of the prejudice she may encounter simply because she looked Native American. I am lucky in some way because I look like my dad who was Irish. Man is that look admired here in the most Irish city in America.
Years ago, I was sitting at a bar and listing to a white bigot putting down black people. I couldn't take it anymore and asked what he thought of Native Americans, the answer was they should all be shot. I then informed him of my heritage while dumping my beer over his head. Enough said on that. 
So last week we celebrated the 4th of July, we believe in liberty and justice for all. And of course, I hope we believe in our justice system and the words innocent until proven guilty. Jamie Foxx has convicted George Zimmerman simply based on the color of his skin. George Zimmerman may be guilty but do not use your celebrity, Foxx, to convict him in the eyes of Americans. Bigotry in any race is totally unacceptable. Justice is blind, and that also hopefully means color blind.
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BJ'S BLOG 07/01/13 "Mutiny"
Here's another blog from the man who is one of  mentors and has a mutiny in his own head, Dan Sanders.
 It has been a week of strange events, and just plain old lots of events. For example, there is good evidence that a small tsunami occurred between South Carolina and Boston Mass. Tsunamis do not occur on this part of the earth and one theory is that it could have been caused by a shift in the continual shelf.  “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams" on June 13, reported that tide-measuring gauges showed what appeared to match the definition of a tsunami according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (there is a video of this report on line) . 
John Lennon wrote the line,” strange days indeed, Very peculiar momma.” There's UFO's over New York, and I ain't too surprised," apparently a reference to a UFO sighting Lennon had back in 1974. He made reference to this in the liner notes to his 1974 album Walls and Bridges: "On the 23rd August 1974 at 9 o'clock I saw a U.F.O Recorded (but uncompleted) shortly before his death in 1980, the song was later completed by Lennon's widow Yoko Ono in 1983 and released as the first single from Lennon and Ono's album Milk and Honey in 1984. 
Now 29 years later we have an actor Jim Carrey, knocking his own movie, Kick Ass 2. A star football player, Aaron Hernandez formally of the New England Patriots arrested for murder and more.
Late-night TV host, Jimmy Fallon, sets a world record in The Guinness Book of world records by playing five video games at one time.
A company called Makerbot Robot Industries also set a record for a robot frosting a cup cake in record time. 
Also there was a record set for the heaviest weight lifted with earrings. And as if all of that wasn’t enough an Egyptian stature in a London museum is moving in 360 degree circles all by its self. 
So what is our fascination with stupid stunts like Jimmy Fallen doing five video games at once, a robot decorating a cup cake and some non-rocket scientist lifting heavy weights with earing’s? How is all this related to Jim Carey knocking his own move for violence?
Could it be we are so sick of violence either make believe or real that we will take any silly escape we can get?
Why do I agree with and respect Jim Carrey? Why do I dislike like the system that coddles star athletes from high school if not from pop Warner, and gives then a God complex, believing they can get away with anything that their so-called handlers will take care of them? And the same is true with celebrities on any level in any form of entertainment. 
Some athletes escape with dignity the burdens of instant celebrity and the slime that goes with it, but some recover from the pursuit of fame and fortune, and find a conscience. And some lose their minds and play video games on TV, and we watch them, and we laugh, give me the fool in hula hoops and keep the fool jumping hoops.
In the podcast that follows these written words I will give a few spontaneous combustion unrehearsed thoughts about all the above. Yes unrehearsed, I never know what I might say until I've heard myself say it. Someone asked me once if I wrote very much down in my regular shows as a full time DJ. The answer is no for whatever reasons, there may be the answer is no. I also have a few limited filtering devices. In fact, some have suggested that I am missing that particular mechanism altogether. And in fact, B.J Shea recently said he had often wondered what goes on in my head, B.J. Shea morning guy at KISW FM Seattle says I am one of his mentors, and he wonders what goes on in my head. Well, B.J. when I know you’ll be the next one to know. 
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