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BJ'S BLOG 08/30/13 "Dream Wedding Take Two "
Yesterday on the show, we read an email from Trista who wanted the Rock-A-Holics’ opinion on a problem she is having.   

Trista has recently started planning her wedding which will be next year. This is her second marriage; she got married when she was 20 but that ended a year later. She is now 28 and has been with her fiancé for three years.

Her parents said that they will once again pay for her wedding, but will only do so if Trista and her fiancé sign a contract that says if the marriage fails before the 4th year, they have to pay them back for the wedding.

She explains that her parents do well for themselves financially and wanted to know if anyone else thinks her parents are being crazy!

I have no one to blame but my generation because we helped raised this society where everyone expects a trophy, expects to be electecd  president one day andexpects to just have everything handed to them.

They expect to have their dream wedding for the second time all because mommy and daddy have money, which they probably made because they worked their asses off!

The reason most people have a wedding is for gifts and for the bride to feel like a princess for a day, but why not just have a small reception or just a nicer honeymoon instead? She already had her princess wedding and has no right to expect mommy and daddy to foot the bill again…sign the contract while the deal is still on the table.

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