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 BJ Shea

BJ's BLOG 06/10/14 "I Don't Want To Go To Someones Father's Day Celebration"

Welcome back, Rock-A-Holics! Today’s Group Therapy is a very special case…if you take my meaning. 

Jeff doesn’t want to spend time with his girlfriend and her family on Father’s Day. It’s nothing personal; Jeff isn’t a father himself, and his own dad died many years ago, so he just doesn’t care about being there. He wonders if it’s okay for him to tell his girlfriend that he isn’t interested in celebrating the day with them. 

I’m from the Northeast, and this question would never fly in that community. The West Coast is a hell of a lot looser when it comes to the formality of family and friendships, so I’m not completely surprised by Jeff’s thinking…but I still think this is one of those times when the boyfriend should just suck it up, and play along, before he asks his girlfriend that potentially dangerous question.

On the other hand, I’m just the kind of cranky dad who doesn’t want his Father’s Day happiness interrupted by boyfriends without tenure. Let me have a day of peace with my family! You can get back to groping my little angel on your own time, pervert.


I’m turning this one over to you, good people. Give Jeff your thoughts on his Father’s Day bailout plan.

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06/10/2014 7:05AM
BJ's BLOG 06/10/14 "I Don't Want To Go To My Significant Other's Father's Day Celebration"
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06/10/2014 11:06AM
Pull the Lactose intolerant card. I do it all the time except I really can't have dairy so it's believable. Cheers. Neil
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