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 BJ Shea

BJ's Blog 04/12/12 "Breastfeeding"

Yesterday during Headlines and Sports, Steve read a news story talking about how the Seattle City Council passes ordinance to protect public breastfeeding.

In Washington State, it is already illegal to discriminate against public breastfeeding but now this new ordinance specifically made it illegal for businesses and other entities to ask nursing moms to stop, cover up or move to a different location in public areas.

A mother’s right to breastfeed her child has been added to a list of protected civil rights, such as race, color, disability and religion — allowing the city’s office of civil rights to enforce the law and educate the public about the issue.

I think it’s interesting that they call breastfeeding in public a civil right.

If a man has to go to the bathroom, but the men’s bathroom is completely occupied and the woman stalls are not, isn’t it his civil right to use the open stall? He really needs to relieve himself, something all people do, and yet he is denied because of his gender.

We separate the genders because women don’t want to be leered at, hence why we have separate bathrooms. So, no matter what, a breast is a breast. It doesn’t matter if there is a child being fed at the end of it; men are still going to be gazing at the exposed breast. So what is the difference between using the same bathrooms and breastfeeding? They are both bodily functions that involve exposure of “publicly restricted” parts of the body.

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04/12/2012 8:47AM
BJ's Blog 04/12/12 "Breastfeeding"
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