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 BJ Shea

BJ's Blog 06/03/14 "If You Found Your Dead Grandmother's Sex Tape....

Hello again, fellow Rock-A-Holics!  I just love our little Group Therapy parties. They’re such a great chance for like-minded adults to get together…share our thoughts and feelings…and just feel free to do whatever feels right at the time. I think you understand what I’m saying here.


 Today’s Group Therapy situation is a little bit outside the normal fare: Thomas lost his mother-in-law about a year ago, and he and his wife subsequently took over her house, with the intention of selling it. During the process of clearing out the late mom-in-law’s belongings, Thomas’s fifteen-year-old son found a video tape that revealed a shocking secret…Thomas’s in-laws were swingers. 

Thomas knows about the tape, but has not told his wife. Thomas also hasn’t seen the video yet, but the 15-year-old son has already told his 19-year-old sister. The two kids want to tell their mom, but Thomas is absolutely against the idea. He feels that the past is best left unrevealed at this point, and there’s no reason for her to ever find out. In fact, Thomas wants to burn the tapes, but the kids are adamant in their stance that the tapes are now their mother’s rightful property.

06/03/2014 7:51AM
BJ's Blog 06/03/14 "“If You Found Your Dead Grandmother’s Swinger Sex Tape, Would You Tell Your
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