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 BJ Shea

BJ?s Blog 10/31/12 ?Facebook Affair?

Yesterday we read a message from Katie who is having issues with her husband and Facebook.

Recently, her husband “friended” three women from his high school and he’s been on Facebook talking to them every night. It’s not just commenting their posts or “Liking” their status, he chats with them for hours on end. One of these women used to have a crush on him back in high school…which was 20 years ago for him. She is not happy that these women are all over him and that he’s acting like a 17-year old.

Katie says she he’s not only ignoring her but also their kids. When she brings up how uncomfortable this makes her, he says that she’s a nag that won’t let him have any fun. 
She wants him to un-friend these women or delete his account all together but wanted to know the Rock-A-Holic’s opinion.

What I have to say about this isn’t what either of them wants to hear.
First off, because of the feminist agenda, women have turned men into what they’ve wanted but nothing has been done about to try to understand and support men.
Some women now don’t know how to be good wives to their husbands anymore, and this isn’t just my opinion, but I’ve been told by older women that this is true.

Second off, this guy needs to set his priorities in order. If he is too involves in his own Facebook world that he is ignoring his kids…then he’s a shed.  When you have children, they come first, their needs come first.

A few Rock-A-Holics called in and said they both were in the same position as Katie’s husband and all they needed was to feel appreciated and needed by their wives and since they were not receiving that, they found it elsewhere.
They both need to sit down and discuss what the real issues are before they not only wreck their marriage, but their family as well.    

10/31/2012 9:27AM
BJ’s Blog 10/31/12 “Facebook Affair”
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