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BJs BLOG 06/11/14 "My 20-year-old neighbor washes her car in a bikini"

Greetings and salutations, Rock-A-Holics! I know some of you are a little bit shy! Rest assured: Group Therapy may occasionally be a little bit revealing, but it’s totally okay to just sit back and observe. 

We heard from Molly (not her real name), who is upset after catching her 15-year-old son in his bedroom, “watching” (her quotes here) the 20-year-old girl next door wash her car in a bikini. Molly is also irritated that the attractive neighbor girl was out washing her car in a bikini in the first place!

Her husband told her that she shouldn’t say anything to the neighbors, but Molly suspects he’s hoping to sneak a peek for himself!

I just don’t know where to start here, people. First off, shouldn’t Molly be giving her 15-year-old boy the courtesy of a knock before entering his room? We can’t be sure if the use of quotes around “watching” infers something a little more…exploratory…but the point remains that a teenage boy’s relationship with his parents, especially his mother, might benefit from some polite boundaries.

Second argument here: cars need to be cleaned frequently, and bikinis are perfectly acceptable attire for a warm day of work that involves soap and water. It’s perfectly normal…and natural…and beautiful…SO beautiful. Oh yeah. There you go. Wash that car. WASH IT.

What was I saying? 

Okay, right: Molly has a problem with all of this. I’ve got too much on my mind to offer anything else here, my friends. Let’s hear what you have to say.

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06/11/2014 6:12AM
BJs BLOG 06/11/14 “My 20-year-old neighbor washes her car in a bikini"
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06/11/2014 8:09AM
Car washing
Bikini's and soap and water these are a few of my favorite things. Yes Molly should knock. The neighbor has every right to wash her car anyway she wants except in any real lewd way of course and can wash my car next. Dan S
06/11/2014 11:08AM
over protective mother
it's either the girl next door or online sex. The kid is 15, just buy him a box of kleen-ex, make sure there's a liner in his garbage basket and tell him to take out his own trash. Let dad talk to him. As for the girl, Molly is probably just a little jealous.
06/11/2014 11:45AM
I wonder
Would Molly still be having a problem with the neighbor if she were a topless septuagenarian washing her car? Molly will probably still have issues with her son looking at women, but that may stem from her own insecurities, difficulties with sexuality, and/or her belief structure surrounding women in society. Bottom line: objectification is one thing, teenage boys pitching a tent at the drop of a hat - or sponge - is quite another.
06/11/2014 12:36PM
Molly needs to get some help with her insecurities. It's only natural for guys to look at women. Would she feel the same if they were at the beach and caught her son looking at the girls there. And with her husband there might be a deeper insecurity there that needs to be explored.
06/11/2014 3:27PM
Yes To all of the above dan
06/11/2014 3:36PM
No nipple no genitals it's legal to walk down the street in so let the girl wash her dirty car ;)
06/12/2014 7:24AM
I have a19 year old daughter and a14 year old son. First, you can't judge a girl for being pretty or young. Never walk in in a teenage boy without proper announcement. For everyone please. I remind my daughter of how the male brain works and leave it up to her how she dresses. The mom could of sent the boy over to help her, that would be been neighborly as well as possibly making his day.
06/13/2014 5:55AM
I think to really get to the bottom of this, err so to speak. We need pictures to see if this young woman is inappropriately dressed. Dan S
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