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 BJ Shea

BJs BLOG 06/12/14 "My Child Learns Swear Words From My In-Laws"

It’s time for Group Therapy, folks! Please try to keep your language PG-13 for this one – you never know when young ears might be listening. Or reading. Or something. I’m not really sure anymore.

Becky is looking for some advice about her 3-year-old daughter. It seems that the little tyke is developing a bit of a potty mouth, and Becky is positive that her mother-in-law is the bad influence in this situation. According to Becky, she and her husband are very careful about what they say, and what the kid watches and listens to. 

Becky confronted her mother-in-law, who insists that she isn’t the source of the problem…but mom-in-law also said that it’s no big deal if she was. When Becky brought the problem to her husband, he said she was overreacting, and he doesn’t support Becky’s insistence that the mother-in-law should no longer watch her granddaughter by herself anymore. 

Words are powerful things, and we, as a society, seem to be in constant conflict over the proper and polite usage of certain words. That’s a bigger conversation for another time, so I’m going to make a separate point in this case: if you deal with children, and you are not the parent or guardian of said children, then you need to respect the wishes of those who are. I don’t care if you’re a relative or just a friend…the parents rule, period.

What do you think, Rock-A-Holics? Is Becky overreacting? Have you ever had to deal with this type of situation before, and if so – how did you handle it?

06/12/2014 7:43AM
BJs BLOG 06/12/14 "My Child Learns Swear Words From My In-Laws"
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06/12/2014 11:38AM
Not Overreacting
We had a huge problem with our son swearing when he was 2-3. He would swear at daycare so much, was even using it in the right context, that is was downright embarrasing, to have them pull us aside as parents, and tell us that his language was not daycare acceptable. And, we were pretty careful about what we said around him, he just picked it up. I think that Becky has every right to ask her mother-in-law to watch what she says around her daughter. Like you said BJ, it is her child, her rule, and others should abide by it, regardless of who they are. It can be a pretty big deal for some children, some not so much, but you never know until it is an issue.
06/16/2014 6:49AM
RE: Not Overreacting
I agree. It's each parent's choice and that needs to be respected. If you don't mind your kid talking like a sailor than that's on you. :) - VB
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