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BJs BLOG 06/13/14 "Woman Thinks A Kid Took Pictures Of Her, Goes Wild"

READ THIS, EVERYONE!  Wait, no! Look away! When I said READ THIS, what I meant was DON’T READ THIS. It’s a classic mixed message, and I’m outraged that you had to be lectured about it. OUTRAGED!

Recently, a woman came unglued in public when she believed a teenaged boy was using a remote-control aircraft to spy on women in their bikinis. The plane did have a Go Pro camera attached to it, but the teenager didn’t have any dirty intentions – the drone would fly too fast and unpredictably to give him good footage, anyway.

Unfortunately, the woman couldn’t be convinced. She launched a full-on physical assault against the young remote-control pilot, who managed to get a recording of the event. You can clearly hear the kid trying to keep the crazed woman calm, and then yelling for help when she takes things too far over the line. 

The woman was eventually arrested, and the young victim seemed willing and able to shake the whole thing off. Kudos to you for keeping your cool, my friend. I don’t think I have the energy to do anything but shake my head in the general direction of this story…but I’d love to hear your reactions!

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06/13/2014 9:28AM
BJs BLOG 06/13/14 "Woman Thinks A Kid Took Pictures Of Her In A Bikini, Goes Wild!"
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06/13/2014 11:10AM
Crazy Women
She is crazy! Thing was flying 50 feet above the beach with a Go pro..Could not see anyone let alone make out anything on the ground. Plus this was a public beach unless it's illegal to take video or pictures or even fly a remote controlled craft then the kid did nothing wrong.
06/13/2014 11:20AM
personal drones are getting better
I recently just watched an update on personal drones and their advancements.What Makes a Drone?: kid did nothing wrong if there was no signs for photography and video. Like previously posted it was a public beach.
06/13/2014 1:16PM
If it was my Kid!!
If it was my Kid I`d slap her silly or sucker punch her in the face!! Women like this makes me think some of them deserve a High five, in the face, six time, with a ton still chair, by the hulk, fully angry!!!
06/13/2014 2:29PM
If it was my kid....
I'd probably have my own viral video, if it was my kid...of me, beating common sense into her.
06/13/2014 6:10PM
Nut case at the beach.
Punch the nut case right in the throat, Public place, hell for all she knew he could of been doing a school project. Unreal, poor kid.
06/16/2014 6:46AM
RE: Crazy Women
I agree! That lady was nuts! - VB
06/16/2014 6:46AM
RE: personal drones are getting better
Thanks for the info! - VB
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