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BJs Blog 12/15/09 Emotional Cheating


There are 3 things that a man has to do in life, and David Deida outlines it in “The Way Of The Superior Man,” a book you have probably heard me talk about from time to time. In the book, Deida talks about the 3 toughest things a man is going to have to do in his life:

1.  Manage his work

2.  Manage his woman

3.  Manage his sexual desire.

That’s it fellas, if you manage those things your life will be great. You’ll be a great father, a great coworker, a great brother, a great son, and a great husband.  The toughest one is sexual desire because it is hormonal. Studies have shown that men are at their worst when we’re aroused.  This impacts our peak performance, strategic thinking, and rational behavior.  There have been studies done about this in Canada that talk about how there is a time when men should be nurtured and cared for, and that is when they’re aroused. Women don’t want to know this because women have been taking advantage of us in that state (aroused) for years… decades… centuries… millennia!

Being aroused is one of the toughest things we have to manage, yet we still get judged harshly when we fail.  Can you imagine if we judged women as harshly for their week areas as we are judged on (in my opinion) our only weak area?  Tiger Woods is being judged and vilified, and companies are dropping him as an endorser, and he has to give up golf. Why? Because he was weak when it came to monogamy; however, if you listen to researchers…any scientist will tell you that monogamy isn’t what males should be doing.

Human beings are not monogamous or at least human men aren’t, but we are judged for it.  When in reality, if we succeed more than 50% of the time at monogamy, we should be heralded and applauded. 

I wanna say this, and I wanna throw this out there to women…who agrees that Elin Nordigrin has been emotionally monogamous this entire relationship? Sorry ladies, but Oprah did a topic on this, so I’m afraid I get to quote your own savior -- women are emotional cheaters, and every woman listening to me has cheated emotionally, and this is just as bad as a man being physically unfaithful. The reason I say it’s just as bad, is it’s almost impossible for women to be emotionally monogamous. Women need to have emotional interaction with other men, but it’s not considered wrong in our society for women to cheat on their men emotionally. It is an apples to apples thing.

So I propose this, if you’re gonna have a marriage, and its death til’ us part, I propose that if a man says “yes, I will be physically monogamous, and physically faithful,” then she should have to say, “I will be emotionally monogamous, which means, I will have no more than a 5 minute conversation with a man, unless it’s really about business.” That’s really what should happen. You know I’m right about this.



12/17/2009 10:18AM
BJs Blog 12/15/09 Emotional Cheating
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