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Babies 4/23/13

    So lately a lot of my friends have been having babies and getting married. I guess maybe I should say most of friends are already married and having kids but some of my buds that I thought would be single for a while longer are even getting married or engaged. My one friend even had a kid and for some reason it is messing with my mind a little bit. I guess part of me always kind of looked up to parents and though people that had kind were some how better people and higher moral ground than I. What I have come to realize is that kids are just a natural part of getting older and having a life. Now sitting here at 32 and single with no kids it is hard sometimes to understand that life. Sometimes people tell me stuff and yes I am excited but it is hard to be as excited as they are because I don't have any. I don't understand that excitement or the power of it, I used to feel bad about that but not anymore. I realize that having a kid is much more important than a lot of stuff going on in my life but on the same token I think that people with kids hang out with other people with kids because they get it. I guess my point is that people are going to hang out with and talk with people that have their same interest. I texted with a buddy last night and he said he baby daughter was meeting her grandma for the first time and all I got out was, Awesome. Not sure that was the right response but like I said I am not sure what to say. This whole blog is getting awkward now, maybe I should go  

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04/23/2013 2:13PM
Babies 4/23/13
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04/23/2013 4:42PM
Babies Having Babies....
I finally figured out how to leave comments on the website! woot! lol. Just wanted to get that out there. haha. not the most technilogicaly inclined... anywayssss. Ted, I feel your concern and quandary, except I am 22, but I feel that "pressure" of, is it time for me to think about settling down and starting a family, big time, from friends and family, ESPECIALLY my mother... who wants me to have kids like yester minute, and even went to the extreme of buying me prenatal vitamins to kick start the process. talk about awkward lol. I could kill her sometimes, I swear.... And I am not ready to give up my freedom just yet. but my main point which I am gradually getting at, is, the social pressures of people in your own age bracket who seem to ALL have or are soon going to have kids and or marriage except for you. and it seems everyone asks "why dont you have any kids? or when are you planning on having them?" and the social age standard for when having kids is exceptable has lowered dramatically, it's stifling. more and more often you see girls at ages as low as 13,14, 15 who are prego and it's kinda ok in the eye of society. like it's not as shocking to people as it used to be. it seems the general consensus is that 18, 19 is the "mommy age" now. WTF!? why?! I mean the show 16 and pregnant! come on!!! they are glamorizing (t.m. lol.) teen pregnancy. and i'm pretty sure that was the start of it all. My own lil 14 year old step sister's best friend had a baby, which I guess, in turn, inspired her to want to have a kid. and she told her dad, my step dad this. WTF is happening to our nations youth?! my family looks at me like i'm an old hag who should have kids by now. thanks mom. love you too. so yeah, apparently 22 is the new 32. lol. ok. i'm done ranting. haha. old hag, over n out. : P
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