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Baseball 4/13/12

    Baseball season is here and I can't lie I am not the biggest baseball fan these days but still enjoy the sport. It's kind of funny I don't watch baseball as much as I used to since it was the sport I played the most as a kid. I know more about baseball than any other sport as well. I can tell you where just about every guy should be on any given play. I still do get excited about a nice sac fly or well place steal as well.
    The reason today I am writing about baseball is because tonight I am going to the Mariners home opener. Going to a baseball game is different because there is a lot of time to sit and enjoy a soda or a beer. You can sit back watch a few innings and have a hot dog. I feel like the hot dog is the baseball standard. They serve them at all sporting event but it goes best with baseball. Another great thing about going to a baseball game is you get to keep the ball if you catch one. I seen the basketball go into the stands a few times but they don't let you keep it. It would be cool if you could keep the balls from other sports. I have a plan with the guys I sit with at the Sounders FC matches that if a ball comes into our section it is important for all of us to touch it before we give it back. Sorry I got a little off track there. I also come from a long line of Smiths and the Smith boys know some baseball. My Dad coached me, my uncle Tim coached against me and now his son my cousin Tom is coaching his son in t-ball. Hell I even coached when I lived in back east. Man all I want to go play baseball right now errrrr I mean go watch it and drink a beer.

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04/13/2012 2:12PM
Baseball 4/13/12
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