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Baseball 9/29/11

    What up blogger? Sunny day today out there. It's funny I went to the Husky game last Saturday and people were bitching because it was too hot for them in the stands and I just laughed because in a couple months everyone is going to wish that weather was here. Anyhow the game was fun and I will be going to a couple of them this year and I want to feel free to shoot me a email and let me know where you are tailgating and I will put you in one of my adventure video's. Also I will bring some beer since I don't want to be a mooch.

    So last night was the greatest night in baseball that I have seen in my lifetime. The drama was unreal and teams were just falling apart. The Braves had already given up a huge lead in the playoff picture this month and last night they seemed defeated from about the 5th inning on. At the same time this month the Redsox have been chokeing as well and last night they lost to the O's in the bottom of the 9th inning. As soon as ESPN could switch over to the Rays game BOOM a home run and pure and simple the Redsox are out and the Rays are in. I can't say this enough but it was the greatest night of baseball in my lifetime hands down. Nice job baseball

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09/29/2011 9:27AM
Baseball 9/29/11
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