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Baseball Hat 3/22/13

    I have this new hat I bought a couple weeks ago down in Arizona and it is a all black Giants hat with the orange SF on it. I like this hat a lot, ok look I love the hat and think I look cool in it. I bought it because I was at the first spring training game for the giants and did not want to get a sun burn but now I just like the hat. The problem I am running into is that I am not really a Giants fan and people are calling me a bandwagon fan. In most sports I would never wear a hat of a team I don't really follow but I feel like in baseball terms it is ok because baseball hats are part of fashion almost now. My buddy Justin say's it is even worse because they just won the title and I look like the worst kind of bandwagon jumper. Maybe all these people are right and I am just using these reason's that I know are weak to justify wearing the hat. I did one stage announcement in it and some M's fans did give me some heat. The other thing is I am a bit of a baseball nomad since I used to be a Baltimore fan as a kid but then once I moved there from DC I was not a fan of the O's. The Washington National's showed up in DC the year I moved to Seattle so I have no real team at this point. Again maybe just another reason or excuse to wear this awesome hat. Now that I think about I bet no one in there right mind would over think wearing a hat this much. I had the hat on this morning and took it off, tonight I wear the hat 

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03/22/2013 3:17PM
Baseball Hat 3/22/13
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