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Basketball 1/20/11

    What up blogger? So do you watch basketball? I do watch a good amount of college hoops but the NBA I don't seem to care about a ton untill the playoffs. In my defense there is no NBA team here so it's changed in my mind. Anyhow I have been watching this guy at BYU who's first name is Jimmer. His name is Jimmer not Jimmy but Jimmer and Jimmer is the man. He leads the NCAA right now in scoreing and he is playing for BYU. I think it is awesome and for the NBA crowd watch the Clippers and the Thunder. They both have in my mind the best two young players in the NBA.

    Now I want to tell everyone that reads this blog that I was the MAN last night at my pickup game. I could not miss it was un-real man. I am still feeling awesome about it so I am going to watch the Maryland Terps go beat up on Va.Tech and drink a beer. So remember I am the MAN well I was the MAN last night anyhow. HOLLA

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01/20/2011 3:12PM
Basketball 1/20/11
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