Bazz and DLR together for 14 hrs!!

Bazz and DLR together for 14 hrs!!
VAN HALEN: Might as Well Jump Indeed
On Saturday, David Lee Roth and Van Halen performed at the Stone Music Festival in Sydney, Australia. The bill also included Aerosmith and former Skid Row singer and excitable music fan Sebastian Bach. So on Sunday, as Roth was settling in for his 14 hour flight to L.A., who should appear but Mr. Bach, who of course had to share his experience with everyone on Facebeook.
He writes, "I sat in my chair and just couldn’t contain myself with excitement. I walked over and Dave and I planned on talking for a bit and then catching some Z’s, but we ended up laughing and singing and carrying on together for hours! We got asked to keep it down after a while from the people next to us... Can you imagine trying to sleep in a plane sitting next to David Lee and myself? He regaled me with all sorts of details about everything you can imagine and I enjoyed every second of it as you can imagine. I told him how he was such an inspiration of being fit and healthy when I was a kid reading Creem magazine... Thank you David Lee Roth for everything you have done for rock ‘n roll and I am proud to call you my friend!”
Roth has posted the 14th episode of The Roth Show and this time he talks about his martial arts training.

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04/22/2013 5:22PM
Bazz and DLR together for 14 hrs!!
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04/22/2013 6:33PM
So was Buckcherry
Buckcherry was there too!
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