Big Wreck Albatross what do you think?

As always I want and need your feedback on songs Rockaholics!
The band is Big Wreck and the song is “Albatross”
Give a listen and let me know what you think please!

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01/23/2013 4:21PM
Big Wreck Albatross what do you think?
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01/23/2013 4:31PM
Instant CLASSIC!!!!
Albatross, the first single, is a flat out hit. In the Jimmy Page, Stairway to Heaven, Midnight Moonlight tradition. It drops down hard with Plush (STP megahit) inspired riffage. It rolls out with a magnificence that burns into your brain. The pre-solo, solo is a wonderfully sweet taste of slide goodness. It teases us and then drops back into the verse with a couple of la da das. The infectious, poignant sing along chorus leads into the sinewy power slide which brings us to it's apex six string squiggle; That over-the-top, on the verge of losing-it note that says the artist is giving his natural all. That's that moment we guitar fans all wait for. The outro verses are played and sung with the most incredible power and soul exhibited by Big Wreck in studio to date. This song is perfect classic rock created outside that era. The entire CD is FANTASTIC!!!!
01/23/2013 6:17PM
Needs more edge
Mediocre. But it did inspire me to listen to some COC songs.
01/23/2013 7:07PM
the best
best album of the year, amazing vocal performance, such a great band!
01/23/2013 7:12PM
I like it.
They have a mix of other bands, can't quite put my finger on it. I want to hear more
01/23/2013 7:20PM
Big wreck
They r awesome the new album
01/23/2013 8:13PM
Big Wreck
The singer reminds me a little of Chris Cornell. Not to shabby!
01/23/2013 9:09PM
Big Wreck Albatross
Very instrumental. I liked it. The song went on too long for me, but that is only my opinion. I would like to hear more music from, and more info about BWA.
01/23/2013 9:42PM
Big Wreck
I like it, the singer sounds ALOT like Chris Cornell, but I'm diggin it. I would like to hear something from them with a little harder edge. Looking foward to hearing more from Big Wreck fo sho.
01/23/2013 10:41PM
01/24/2013 5:59AM
OK, but not great
Lots of talent in this band, but the song ends up flat. Can't wait to hear something else from them though.
01/24/2013 8:37AM
Best Album of 2012
I've been listening to it every day since it's release it's release in March 2012 in Canada and can't say enough about it. I've loved all their previous stuff too and seen them live a couple of times--if you get the chance to see them, you will not regret it. There is much more range in Ian Thornley's voice than CC has and it would be hard to find an equal in terms of talent and skills on the guitar.
01/24/2013 8:46AM
Big Wreckin'
man these clowns cant hold a candle to the darkness! black shuck is the greatest rock record of our time. check er' out
01/24/2013 9:11AM
Rock Hit....and finally not a cookie cutter one
Not being held to the conventional single format rules, great guitars and variety in the song backed by a solid and soulful vocal!
01/24/2013 11:04AM
Awesome stuff.
It grows on you. Probably one of the best songs I've heard in a while. Thornley is a beast.
01/24/2013 4:29PM
Thanks gang!
Thank you everyone!! Jolene
01/25/2013 4:51AM
One of the most talented bands out there today. This whole record grows on you. I've listened to it almost daily for almost a year and my favorite song from it changes constantly...a true sign that it's a great record! Amazing stuff! Can't believe these guys have flown under the radar for so long!
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