Blogging Under the Influence #56 8/25/11

Smoke 'em if you got 'em you munchy having Blog-O-Holic!! So last weekend was the 20th anniversary of Hempfest here in Seattle. If you went you might be suprised to know that as huge and as organized as the event was, it is ran completely by volunteers. The event is thrown every year to raise awareness on all the great causes that can come from getting really really really BAKED and not be freaking out that the Fuzz is coming to kill your buzz man! So I went down with my crew to cover the event. This is a video blog of "JEETZ on the Streets at Hempfest" as heard earlier this morning on The BJ Shea Morning Experience.

Big Ole Thanks to Vicky B for running audio/video while I inhaled all that was the 20th anniversary of Hempfest.

Don't Waste Your Day, GO GET WASTED!!!


08/25/2011 8:36AM
Blogging Under the Influence #56 8/25/11
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