Blogging Under the Influence #60 10/13/11

Fight the power my protesting protesters Blog-O-Holic!! Occupy Seattle is a protest about the lower earning 99% of Americans standing up against the upper 1% of Corporate America.....Whatever. If there isn't a protest about something at least once a week in Seattle, there is a good chance you're probably in Bellevue. I get the point but the problem is the people protesting don't even get the whole point. I've been covering protests now for the couple years for BJ and it's always the same thing.....bunch a people shouting and standing up for something...thats it. They don't care what the cause is they just want to shout and stand up for something.....which makes them morons. So it took me no time at all to expose these protesters as a large group of POSERS!! Here is the extended video blog version of "Jeetz on the Streetz" at Occupy Seattle as heard on "The BJ Shea Morning Experience"....

As always huge thanks to Vicky B for running audio/video while I called out a bunch of hippies.

Don't Waste Your Day, GO GET WASTED!!!


10/14/2011 5:22AM
Blogging Under the Influence #60 10/13/11
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