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Blurbs on Steel Panther/BJ Comedy Riot/Halford/Philm/Post Modern Heroes

What's up KISW Nation! Time to catch ya up on some quick blurbs/photos that I've been up to as of late. Promise to be more prompt on updating in the future. Making this section a routine of my busy schedule will be the fun part..ha! Ok lets talk.

Steel Panther: Was that a Halloween night to remember or what?? Showbox Sodo was PACKED! Women all over the stage, me & Jeetz backstage raiding the bands beer with our women, me talking biz with the band and shooting lots of photos the whole night. You'll never forget a Steel Panther show. EVER! Shockingly fun! (Pun intended).
See full show photos on KISW!

BJ Shea Comedy Riot: What a great turnout at the Paramount Theater for Norm MacDonald, Craig Gass, Kyle Cease & Steve Fromstein. Shooting the meet & greet was hilarious with all 4 comics and the many paying VIP's. My cue to shoot was Craig Gass fliping me off in every photo..ha! For the show itself, all 4 comics were great but our locals Gass & Cease were it for me. These two guys are at the top of their games!! Thanks Kyle for props and putting me in the darn spotlight during the show...ha! I see this BJ Shea event happening each year for sure!
See full show photos on KISW!

Rob Halford/Philm: The Judas Priest legend Rob Halford in Seattle promoting his new CD with his band Halford before heading up to Canada opening for the Ozzy tour. Always cool to see Halford doing music from his Priest, Fight & Halford days in the same show and his vocals, WOW dead on even in his older years! He did give our Jolene a great interview ya need to check out - listen now! Check out his new animated music video for his new CD title track "Made of Metal" View Now. Thanks to Philm (Dave Lombardo's, of Slayer, side project) for letting me shoot at stage, Halford sent me to the soundboard..gee thanks, ha! You gotta check Philm out..GREAT band! 60's rock meets Helmet in a diverse wall of sound and heavy musical landscapes. Nothing like Slayer.

This Saturday 11/20 the only place to be is at the King Cat Theater for the Post Modern Heroes CD Release show! Gonna be the local show the the year!
You saw them at Pain in the Grass now see 'em in their full element show! Check out Jolene's Loud & Local interview and sneak listen to the CD with the band! Listen Now!

Until next time...Horn's Up!
"Iron" Mike

11/18/2010 12:45PM
Blurbs on Steel Panther/BJ Comedy Riot/Halford/Philm/Post Modern Heroes
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