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Boardwalk Empire 9/21/10

    What up blogger? So it's been a min and I am sorry for that. I hope you got to have some fun the last couple of days. So Sunday I sat down to watch the new seris on HBO called Boardwalk empire. So when I first watched this show I tought well this good but then I watched it again last night and relized I really like this show. Some of the things at first threw me off like the way they talk. They are very good about useing slang they would have used in the 1920's. The violence is unreal also well I should say very real. So basically if you like gangster shows and this are the cool gangsters then you will love this show. And I read today that it already got picked up for a second season. So watch this one my freinds and drink a beer or maybe some whiskey since that is what they are smugging

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09/21/2010 8:53AM
Boardwalk Empire 9/21/10
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