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Bonding 6/28/12

Boom!!!!!!! Say it out loud with some conviction and it will make you feels better I promise. So today is a great day because it is getting warmer and I am getting warmed up as well. I named this blog bonding because I have been doing some bonding with different people over the years here in Seattle and the results can be unreal. Clearly here at KISW we are a group that likes the same things and have fun when we all hang together but sometimes you need to step outside of your comfort zone and meet new people. There are many different ways to this but I say try a bunch of different things and figure out what you like. Now I will tell you about one such bonding experience.
Last weekend along with Ben I went on a bus ride with 600 friends from the Emerald City Supporters to go watch our Seattle Sounder FC take on the Portland Timbers. Now I realize that some of you reading this don't like soccer and have never been on a trip like this so let me take you into a great sports trip. We catch a city bus down to the meet up point and there is everyone waiting for us and we load in the buses to get down to Portland. Shout out to Woody for getting spots in the back. Now as we head down to Portland the fun starts. You have a couple drinks and everyone has brought some snacks for the road. This is the time you realize that you and all these people much not have a ton in common except today you do and that's to see your team win. I talked to one couple who got married the day before and now here they are in the group headed to Portland. The next highlight is the stop at the rest area, where 600 people pile out of the buses and you see your friends and people you have not seen since last year and hug and trade stories. When you get into Portland their fans are waiting for you and flip you off and you can give it right back. Now into the stadium for the match and while it did go of way you better believe the Sounders fans were into it. I will leave out the details on the ride home but I now call all those people friends

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06/28/2012 6:08PM
Bonding 6/28/12
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06/28/2012 7:16PM
As someone who has made a couple of these trips, I whole heatedly agree! It's a great way to make new friends, have an awesome time, and experience a sports pilgrimage unlike any other in sports. Oh, and you get to meet Ted in person! I met you last year on the way home when we all stopped at a reststop and that one bus broke down! What a great, stinky, trip!
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