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Brothers 1/31/13

    So this weekend we have two brothers coaching against each other in a Super bowl which I think is awesome. Now if your not a male with a brother it might be harder to appreciate how cool this is. I have a older brother that is seven years older then me and I always look to my brother for support and advice but I tell you right now I would love the chance to beat him in a Super bowl. My brother was better overall at baseball then I ever was but I always remind him that I could hit. I like to tell the story of how I had a unassisted triple play in tee ball and he will counter with how I ran to the third the first time I got a hit. We both coached one summer at a basketball camp for the great Morgan Wootten and my brothers team beat my team and I have not lived it down yet, this was twelve years ago. My point I am getting to is my brother and I are a ton alike and a ton differnt but we still want to win and if that win comes over my brother even better because you bet your ass he is going to hear it at Christmas every year from me. Don't get me wrong I love my brother and I know the Harbaugh's love each other but this win is going to be all the more sweet to one. Also let it be know that little brothers everywhere are rooting for Jim because well ,he is the little brother. 

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01/31/2013 3:08PM
Brothers 1/31/13
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02/04/2013 9:26AM
Little Brothers
Great blog. It's true, no matter how old siblings, but particularly brothers get........bragging rights are always sweet! Unfortunately this time, the older brother won.
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