Bumpershoot 2012!

Bumpershoot 2012!!!
It’s always been Bumpershoot for me not specifically Labor Day that marks the end of summer.  Bumpershoot is the big glorious send off to fall!  I’m so very stoked KISW’S Loud And Local and Metal Shop are on board for this fantastic lineup! 
Don’t miss the Metal Shop / Loud and Local showcase at Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music and Arts Festival at Seattle Center. The Spittin’ Cobras will kick things off on the Exhibition Hall Stage Saturday, September 1st, opening for EYEHATEGOD, Prong and another local metal favorite, Black Breath. Bumbershoot features over 250 performances and exhibits, there's something for Rockaholics of all ages. Get tickets and info at
The Spittin’ Cobras go on first and I’ll be on hand to MC those cat’s and Black Breath!  Then my brothers (read that like I sound like a big burly biker haha) will do the honors for Prong and EYEHATEGOD!
It really warms my heart to see The Spittin’ Cobras bring their special blend of ROCKNROLLA OUTTACONTROLA to Bumpershoot!  If Judas Priest and Motorhead had a baby with a sprinkling of sleeze and a dash extra punk rock you would have The Spittin Cobras!
The guys have been Loud And Local staples both in studio and on the air for a good 5 years now.  Black Breath as many of you know are THE REAL DEAL.
So I’m stoked, a proud (foxy I might add) Mamma Bear over all of this. 
I’ll see you Saturday nice and early!

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08/31/2012 12:19AM
Bumpershoot 2012!
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