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Candy 4/27/11

    What up blogger? So for lent I gave up sugar and chips and getting delivery to my house. So without those tastey things in my life I was eating other stuff that were very delious and I plan to keep up my new love on hummus but since it was Easter and lent was over I had some candy. Now the reason for this blog and how it relates back to tv is that like most people I eat crap when watching tv at night. So lent ends and what do I do? I ate a ton of candy and payed the price. My tummy hurt like a motherfu.....I just talking bout candy. Anyhow if you take about 6 weeks off from sugar and chips and in gernal just junk food then don't just dive right back in cause you will pay the price. I would also say that I love salt and vinigar chips but you have to try the Kettle Brand honey musturd chips they are awesome. As for the delivery food i went thie when I should have gone pizza. Live and learn

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04/27/2011 9:23AM
Candy 4/27/11
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