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Cartoons 5/1/12

    Cartoons seem like something that was just for kids for a long time but in the last 20 years they have become for everyone. It's funny because cartoons are a easy way for kids to get into a show because they are fun to look at. Over time they have become for adults as well in many ways also. You might not think about it but it is crazy how much cartoons have a effect of adults now.
    Now it might be a simple as going to pick a movie that the whole family might like. People forget how different Shrek was and funny. These days you can see all kinds of cartoons that are for adults as well kids but its not just only that. Think about the fact that some of the only honest social commentary you get is from cartoons. Shows like South Park and Family Guy do a good job of talking about what is going on. Clearly South Park is better at this since the show is so current. Family guy though is a real funny show and talks about real things going on in the world as well. When you get to cable the cartoons are endless is seems. Cartoon network has a whole time block just for you grown ups called Adult Swim. I cant speak to much on the Simpsons since I don't really watch it that often. I guess the point of this blog is that last night I was watching some cartoons and it hit me how powerful they are. I also think it is great how you can watch a cartoon with your kids or if you stay up later you can watch one that just for you the grown up. Long live cartoons and if you got a sec let me know what your favorite one is

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05/01/2012 2:11PM
Cartoons 5/1/12
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05/01/2012 8:24PM
South Park (when they feature Randy) Family Guy American Dad (it grows on you) The Venture Bros. Robot Chicken (yeah it's not a cartoon, but it's kinda animated)
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