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    What up blogger? So its been a min since we last talked. Well maybe not talked as much as I wrote something and you read it. Today I might get a little heady with you as I am going to have some strong thoughts on this but then again I seem to have strong thoughts on a lot of topics since I am a emotional person. Now I will say being a emotional person does not mean I cry at the notebook but I have very strong passions in life and leadership is one of them. I also believe strong leaders produce champions.


    So the title of this blog is champions and a big part of that is leaders. Not the kind of leaders that sit on some board with there rich buddies and talk of bonuses but real leaders that no matter what they are doing people will follow. I bring all this up because last night Aaron Rogers played not only a great game but when I watch that guy in a interview I want to follow him into a game and get it done. Hell I would follow that guy into fight. I will also say and stick up for Tim Tebow because while I do agree I don't think he is a long term QB in the NFL, you can't take anything away from his leadership skills. I love that about the guy and that's why in some capacity he will win a title with someone before he is out of the NFL. I also wonder on the other hand was last night we saw Vikings team that is headed no where fast. Is part of that because of the lack of leadership the team had under Favre and the former coach because I sure do think it is. I also think true champions will triumph no matter what and in even in death. I think that in work or life or sports it is hard to find true leaders and heck the leader your looking for might be in your heart. Thanks to Coach Wootten and Coach Prada and my Brother for great leaders and men in my life.


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11/15/2011 7:03PM
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11/15/2011 7:43PM
Soo deep and inciteful
Teddy you should only do audio blogs.
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