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Chicken 6/23/11

    What up blogger? So I got a crockpot and I have shared one recipe that invloves very little prep or ingerdints. People have been emailing and texting trying to find it out since sometimes it is hard to write things down but not this one. For-real people it invloves two things and your crockpot. OK here we go. I go to the store and get a package of boneless skinless chicken breast. Get how much you want no specfic size on how much. Now you put the chicken in the crockpot. Now pour on a bottle of salsa or piecante suace and put the crockpot on LOW for EIGHT hours. Shreed after cooking. Serve for taco's. Also I got this recipie from my brother Chris so when you eat this chicken then thanks Chris outloud in your house. You know like your pouring some out for your homie

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06/23/2011 1:47PM
Chicken 6/23/11
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06/24/2011 5:40AM
Doooood's, Can u please post miles pulled pork recipe on the blog? Cool and keep rockin' bithcez! G$
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