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Childrens hospital 2/5/10

    What up blogger? So todays blog may not be the funniest one's I ever write. To be honset it most likly won't be funny at all. This morning I got up and headed over to Childrens hospital to drop off some toys. You know first off I should not say some toy's, but a ton of  toy's inclueding 26 wii consel systems. I took part in a great event last october called the Bacathlon put on by my freinds at J and D foods. These are the guys that make Baconsalt. We had raised money for Ashley's team. Ashley is Dave's little girl and she has cancer and the goal was to raise money and donate gift's to the hospital so that when these kids come in and are sad and scared they can try and have fun. The point of the blog today is that yes I do feel great haveing been there this morning but to remind everyone that we are OK. When these kids get these horrible disease's those are REAL problems. We have to remember that kids oare our best resorce. They are the furture. Big thanks to Dave and Justin for letting me take part today.  I am so pround to say I am on Ashley's team. Go Ashley

childrens hospital

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02/05/2010 9:14AM
Childrens hospital 2/5/10
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02/05/2010 11:18AM
Mistress of Booze
Yay to you Ted and J&D Foods for supporting Children's Hospital. Thanks for reminding us that our daily worries are nothing to worry about compared to what these brave children go through. Thanks Bacon Salt! And GO ASHLEY'S TEAM!
02/05/2010 11:35AM
Barney Loucks
You're the man,Ted...That's probably the best thing you've ever done...
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