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Christmas Party 12/7/12

    So last night I went to my first Christmas party of the season and it was great. I love the Christmas party because really do cut loose and have fun. Now sure some people will eat/drink way too much but on the same token if you can't have a little extra at Christmas time then when can you. The other thing I like about parties like a Christmas party is people are just in a good mood and generally pretty happy. They are just out looking for a good time. It is always time for a after party as well and they always seem cool. I am not really sure why but just the word after party sounds awesome.


    Now I know what you are thinking, what makes a good party. Let me run down some things that are a must at any party. Number one you going to need booze and lot's of it, even the light drinkers will put some down at the Christmas party. Number two you need some good food, people love to eat and drinkers need food as well. Anything small thing you can pick up and eat is always a winner in my book at a party. Number three is the most important one which is the people, you should have good people at your party and good times will follow. No drama at the Christmas party as well, if you need to fight with your girl this is not the party for it and you will just piss off other party goers. Alright get out there and enjoy some parties people.

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12/07/2012 6:28PM
Christmas Party 12/7/12
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