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Christmas Stuff 11/13/13

    Halloween is over and so the Christmas stuff is already out, now I love me some Christmas but it is too early. When I was younger it seemed like the time between the start of December and Christmas lasted forever. It could be because my birthday is on Christmas eve as well that the month took forever but I think it is just because I was a kid and time seemed like it took forever. Now I used to fight back the fact that Christmas started right on the day after Thanksgiving but over the years black Friday started to become the unofficial start of the Christmas season. I am fine with now and even put up my lights that day but it seems crazy to start with Christmas stuff in early November. I have also seen that some places are going to open up on Thanksgiving night. Thanksgiving should be a day were people have off to relax and eat some food with family and friends . I understand if you work at a store that sells food or gas you might have to work on Thanksgiving but to make everyone come into work at stores and malls on that day in the evening is just kind of crazy. To be honest if this people are going to come into work so that some big companies can make money then people should start having the meal on the next day or Saturday. I should say I worked on Thanksgiving for a few years and I hated it but I was new and one of the only people there. Some people will always have to work but it seems like too many now have to. Oh yeah and if you start all your Christmas stuff now will you even be excited still on Christmas? 

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11/13/2013 2:23PM
Christmas Stuff 11/13/13
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