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Christmas shopping 12/21/11

    What up blogger? I hope your week is going well and you are ready for Christmas on Sunday. With this time of year a lot of people get emotional and fired up but just try and remember your supposed to be having fun with your family and friends. Now clearly it is easier for me as I don't have kids and the pressure of getting the right gifts are not something I have to worry about. I have a niece and nephew that I get gifts for but its pretty simple since my sister in law sends me what they like and its specific so I just grab those gifts. I do understand how the holidays can be a pressure cooker but hopefully it will still be a nice Christmas for you.
    Now onto my shopping story from yesterday. Often when I lived back home in the DC area my brother and I would go out shopping usually one day very close to Christmas then we have a couple beers. It was always a fun day but as I live on the west coast now I am relegated to online shopping or small gifts I can fit into my bag. Yesterday I went into the Sounders FC/Seahawks pro shop downtown but could not find a good S.S.F.C. hoodie for my brother so I marched onto Nordstrom to grab some gift cards for my mom and sister. Nordstrom is full of hot chicks and I had forgotten that until yesterday. My buddy married a girl that worked there and we used to go in there just to scope of chicks. Hell one of the hottest girls I ever hooked up with worked there as well and I have a buddy now who is dating a former Nordstrom girl. So yeah the girls there are hot. Now after that fun time I headed to game stop as I need to buy a game for my niece Maddie. I found the game i was looking for and it was the last one in stock so I felt pretty pumped up that I got the right gift for her. So there is my shopping story, I hope yours goes well also. Merry Christmas yall

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12/21/2011 1:29PM
Christmas shopping 12/21/11
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12/21/2011 4:47PM
Sausage is awesome.
You have to post your recipe for sausage dip!!! "I like sausage!"
12/23/2011 12:05AM
Merry Christmas Thee Ted Smith! I got to meet you during the GnR concert, you came back so I could get my picture taken with you. Thank you again for doing that. Bianca
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