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Co-co 6/10/11

    What up blogger? So today on the show during tv time I talked about there is a new show starting this weekend called Ice loves co-co. The show is based on Ice-T's life with his wife who is named Co-co. Now if you have not seen coco I recommend you bing her as STP would. When you see the results it will blow you away. Yes she has huge fake breast and blonde hair but the unreal part is the size of her butt. The thing is giant and may or may not have its on orbit. So I was talking about that show Miles said that he was surprised at the commercial how stupit she was and really once you see her it should be no shocker that she is not the brightest lady you have seen. kind of why I was shock Miles thought she would not be annoying and dumb. Also as i said on the show today I am starting a Ted Smith twitter account @theetedsmith and I was woundering what i should tweet and what I should not. Maybe I should tell people to come over here and check my blog since I am pretty sure Coach Brady and my mom are the only ones reading this. Hi mom, whats up Coach Brady

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06/10/2011 2:12PM
Co-co 6/10/11
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