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Coaches leave 12/3/13

I saw yesterday that the coach from the university of Washington Steve Sarkisian left the school to go coach at USC. Now I do think that it sucks that nineteen and twenty year old have to make a choice about a school and stay a for all four years or get penalized a year for leaving but these rich coaches can have buyouts and leave whenever. That part I do not agree with at all but do I think he owed the school to be loyal? NO he did not. It is like most things in this country right now college football in a business and in business the way is taught is it is cut throat. See years ago when the USA decided that money trumps everything else and corporations are people that this is what you get. The big corporations have no loyalty to anyone but more money and in turn people now a days feel no loyalty to these corporations. College football is different as in they have buy out clauses in the contracts of these millionaires or coaches as some call them. My point is that college football like most things want it both ways and that does not happen. Loyalty in the end to be should your friends and family and even then you only need to be loyal to the ones that are loyal to you. Also don't get confused do you job and honor your contract like a good employee but just keep your eyes on the prize which is life and not work. I know a ton of wealthier people who frankly are sad and miserable. Coach Sark left for more money and to go back home or did he leave because of what he has learned and thought he needed more money. Either way the only people who really should be upset are the players at U-Dub  

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12/03/2013 2:20PM
Coaches leave 12/3/13
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