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College Football 8/27/13

    It is that time of year again and what time is it? Time for college football, and I know that Husky fans are ready for sure. I have seen so much about the Washington Huskies this off season and the Retake Montlake campaign that even I am fired up for them to get a win and I am not really a Husky fan. I saw a couple pre-season show's on the Huskies and sounds like they are poised for a good year but then again sometimes pre-season stuff makes no real impact. If you are a Oklahoma fan you know what I am talking about since they are always supposed to be a national champion but then there are not, also see Dallas Cowboy's on this kind of thing. College football has so many good things to love and fun things about the games. Number one tailgate's on a Saturday are just more fun to me then a Sunday tailgate. Another great thing about college football is when you go to a game there is college chicks hanging out, you will see some cute girls at a NFL game but you will see a ton of hot college chicks at a college game. If you doubt me on this I suggest you go to any game in the SEC. College football also has so many teams that the talent level is different and you get a lot of big plays and who doesn't love a big play. Welcome back college football it has been too long. 

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08/27/2013 2:28PM
College Football 8/27/13
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